Matty Fozard joined the London Broncos thinking they would be a Championship side. Since then he has played in Super League and tasted the highs and lows of Rugby in the Capital. We caught up with the die-hard Liverpool FC fan for a chat.

So Matt. Into your second season now here in London. Enjoying life here?
Yes, it’s good down here isn’t it! I’m really enjoying my time down here now and as you say into my second season. There are so many different things to do here. Different places to visit every day, different experiences constantly wherever you go. I am enjoying it a bit more this year as I am now living with my girlfriend too. I expected it to be different, living wise, but it really hasn’t been. I am living, too, with Cory Aston and that’s helped too so yes on the whole loving life in London.

Living with Cory, so is that good having a former Sheffield team mate here now too?
Definitely. I’ve known Cory for about five years now and we have always got on very well. Similar age similar types of people and he has been really good for me. I feel as if I am out of the comfort zone of last year and he has improved me on the field. He has helped me get out of some of the bad habits I had last year and has opened my eyes to some of the things he does. He has helped me massively he really has.

You have played a variety of positions so far in 2020. Did you expect to be playing at loose forward at any point?
No. I played at loose a couple of times while I was at Sheffield. It was something that I was used to a little bit and it took me a while to get back into that. Running lines and picking up belters going into the middle, that I’m not used to but it was fun. We have had a few injuries in the middles and now we will have Mitch Allgood up to speed that’s a bonus but I have just fitted in wherever I’m needed and just hope that I’ve done a good enough job.

Luke Yates was the top tackler at London last season but you had 118 in the first two games. What is different this year for you?
I’m playing more minutes! (laughs) In all seriousness Wardy, Langers and myself sat down in pre-season and had a chat about things. We knew my attack would be alright but they wanted me to sharpen up a few things in defense. I’ve gone away and taken that on board and worked really hard on those things through pre-season and the numbers now speak for themselves. I just want to work as hard as possible, help the team as much as possible and now I have the chance to put the work in with the amount of game time I am getting.

A lot of new faces came in in the off season. Have they all fitted in around the guys who have stayed?
Yes. I think they are doing fantastically well here. The likes of Josh Walters and Rhys Curran have been outstanding so far. Cory has started really well and he and Tuoyo bring in some needed Super League experience. Ollie Ashall-Bott has come in and we all know what he will be able to bring to the table. Then you’ve got the others like Dan Norman & Jordan Williams who do not look out of place in the makeup of the team and are performing in exactly the way that the coaching staff have asked them to. They will all come to the fore throughout the season and all have a lot more to give.

All the players talk about the dreaded nudie run at the end of the season. You ae off it already and surely happy about that?
Over the moon! I saw some horrible sights last season to be fair!! I should be off it realistically in the position I play but the two tries I’ve scored have been from positions I don’t normally play! It’s strange that I can’t score tries from hooker but can from the halves and the second row. It’s just good to be off it as soon as possible and then I haven’t got to worry about it anymore and can concentrate on getting this great club back up to Super League.