When Morgan Smith moved to London from Warrington Wolves it was like moving to an entirely new world. The young halfback has settled into capital life and is now back enjoying his rugby league.

We caught up with him to talk about the current situation and more.

You are into your second season in London how are you enjoying it?

Even more so than last year. I’ve moved out of the old house with Sam Davis so I don’t have to put up with his dirtiness around the house anymore (laughs)! I’m still exploring and finding new things to go and do which is good! The thing with London is there is so much to do in the capital and all the boys love exploring. Obviously the situation at the moment is very different and the exploring is on hold as it needs to be for everyone in order to stay as safe as possible.

Your partner, Emily, is here now and her business is based in the south . What has changed now she is here too?

As I have mentioned I’ve moved out of my old house and now live with Emily in our own place. It took us a while to get all the furniture and things set up as the apartment was empty so there were a few hard days grafting putting it all together! Obviously I was site foreman… and Emily helped whenever I needed her to!

Obviously last season was a disappointment but the drop goal against Saints has to be a highlight. What was going through your mind?

That’s a great memory I still remember fondly… genuinely I can’t remember haha! It all went so fast and I had already missed a shot around 30m out with five minutes to go. I just had to re-compose myself and I ended up slotting the worst looking drop goal I’ve ever seen! The next thing I knew I was absolutely swamped by the rest if the boys all screaming and shouting. It was a fantastic game and one I am sure the whole squad will remember for a very long time.

There have been a lot of changes in personnel with a few boys leaving. How have the new boys settled in?

They’ve settled in really well. All the lads have slotted straight in to how we do things down here at the Broncos and like last year we’re just a big group of mates! The fact that we all live relatively close to each other really helps and we are starting to find the togetherness that proved so crucial last season too.

We saw the Throwback picture of you but what was it like to represent your country at such a young age?

It’s something that I had aspired to do from as long as I can remember… Then to play against the Aussies schoolboys in their own backyard was a dream come true! Its great that the young lads get the chance to play international rugby at such an early time in their careers. It really gives them an insight into what it is going to take to make it in the professional game.

You have returned now from injury so what is it like to get the chance to play in the Broncos shirt again?

It was a great feeling. Last year my season didn’t end the way I wanted it to… I felt like I was in decent form and playing good rugby at a crucial time in the season. To pull the Broncos shirt on was something I’d been longing to do since last July and I’m thankful I was able to do so once again!

It’s a difficult time right now but what would be your message to our loyal fans?

To not forget us! As they can see we are trying to stay connected via social media posts and to keep supporting us through thick and thin. But most importantly to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and well. Everyone needs to follow the guidelines on all aspects of the current situation and the more that happens then the sooner we can all be back together at Trailfinders enjoying the sport that we love so much.