London Broncos half back, Cory Aston, has hard shoes to fill with his father Mark being a mainstay of the sport. We spoke to Cory about his new life in London and if Dad was an influence on his career.

How have you found it settling in at London?
Really enjoying my time in London so far. Its a bit different to living in Barnsley. It’s a very different lifestyle it terms of there been so much to do and see. I’m really making the most of that side of it. In terms of rugby, the structures we play aren’t too different to ones i’ve been in previously so it was pretty easy to slot into. In terms of the boys, they have been great since I joined, we spend a fair bit of time together away from rugby as well. I believe that’s a big factor in being a successful team, building good relationships, trust and knowing you’ve got each other’s backs.

The season has obviously been curtailed but what has been your highlight so far?
Well we have obviously had a pretty strong start to the season only losing one game. I’d probably have to say the highlight so far would have to be that victory over Widnes at their place. They had a fair few big names in their team and a few in from Warrington and we came away with a pretty convincing win.

How has it been moving to the Broncos but having people like Matty Fozard around?
Terrible. Only joking, it’s been great moving down here and having a fair few familiar faces around Foz and I played at Sheffield together about 5 years ago and have been good mates since. We live together as well now, so we spend a fair bit of time together and enjoy each other’s company… most of the time. I obviously played with Tuoyo for the last few years and was pretty close and good mates back at Cas. Me and Eddie came through the same community club too and are from a similar area, we also came through the ranks at Sheffield together and played in the first team together as well.

You grew up playing RL but how much was your Dad an influence on you?
Yeah my dad was a big influence on my career and has always been there to give me advice and especially criticism, the constructive type, most of the time anyway. Not only my Dad but my Mum and my whole family have been a big influence on my career from a young age by taking me too and from games, supporting me making my first team debut at Sheffield, my Super League debut for Cas and playing my first game for Sheffield Hillsborough Hawks U7’s.

We saw the picture of you on his shoulders at the Challenge Cup Final. What do you remember of that?
I’ve been asked this question a few times and I can’t really remember much. I was only three at the time and apparently I slept for the whole of the second half but for some strange reason I can remember when I went on the pitch after the game and saw a green gum shield on the floor. Thats my only memory from that day, strange I know.

You were at Castleford last season with Tuoyo. How was it working with someone like Daryl Powell?
Yeah I was at Castleford for the last two years, it was great working under Daryl, he’s renowned as one of the best coaches in the game. I felt like my game really improved in my time there and not just working with Powelly but both assistant coaches Ryan Sherridan and Danny Orr, they were top half backs so they also really helped me with my game. And then also training along side lots of different top half backs was great for my game too.

What have you had the chance to do in London so far?
I’ve done quite a lot to be fair and we managed to see quite a few London landmarks within the first 2 weeks of being down here. I have 2 dogs and there are some amazing parks down here so me and my misses are trying to go to a different one every weekend.

Having seen London last year what was it that made you say yes to the move?
It was probably the togetherness and camaraderie of the team and the never say die attitude. Every time I watched them on TV, I felt like I wanted to be apart of it.

Hopefully we can get back playing again soon so what would you say to the fans to get them behind the boys?
Yeah hopefully we are back playing soon because I know not just us as players are struggling but you as fans are struggling with the unknown of when the season is going to restart again too. We are all, as players, training really hard behind close doors on our own and we will be firing when given the all clear to start playing again. I think Neil and his media team are doing a great job in trying to keep us and the fans connected through this period.

To all the fans, stay safe, stay as active as you can, follow the government guidelines and get your voices ready for when the season kick starts again and we will hit the ground running!