When it comes to deciding which day has been my favourite day as a Broncos fan, it’s a tough decision.

I’m relatively new to the game of rugby league, having only really got into it in the last three or four years or so. I had always been a fan of rugby in general, but when I was younger, I couldn’t distinguish between the two codes as I had a general obsession with rugby.
I haven’t been supporting the Broncos for long. I attended my first game in July 2015 when I went to watch us take on Whitehaven at the Hive. Even though I’ve only been a supporter for five years or so, I’ve made plenty of memories with this wonderful rugby league club.
It’s been a hard choice to pick my favourite day as a Broncos fan, however, there’s one that springs to mind more than any others. Hull KR away, last season. Two games to go of the season and the Broncos survival hopes are hanging by a thread. The Broncos knew that nothing but a win would give them a chance of taking the fight for survival to the final weekend.
The Broncos came out all guns blazing and went 12-0 up very early on thanks to tries from Matty Gee and Brock Lamb. The sense of mass jubilation was clear amongst all the Broncos faithful, everyone was starting to believe.
However, Hull KR mounted a comeback and about 10 minutes or so into the second half went 2 points up at 16-14. All of a sudden, it was biting your fingernails time amongst both sets of fans. The rollercoaster of emotions was so crazy that it would definitely fit in at Thorpe Park.
Then, with a few minutes remaining, centre Ryan Morgan makes an incredible scything break through the KR defence. A phrase that comes to mind at this point is “I can’t speyk!”.
Then, the ball is worked the left-hand edge of the pitch and Brock Lamb pops a beautiful pass to talismanic captain Jay Pitts who dives over.
However, it’s not over, the referee James Child goes to the video referee to check the grounding and gives a try on the field. Broncos fans are biting every single nail as they wait the outcome of the review.

What follows is delirium in the away end as the video referee confirms the try. To say the final few seconds after the restart were nervy, would be the biggest understatement of the century. On the hooter Danny Maguire hoists the ball high; Alex Walker knocks on and the ball falls safely into London hands.

That was it, James Child blew the final whistle. The Broncos embrace each other in mass celebration, with the knowledge that their fight for survival had been taken to the final weekend. There was mass celebration amongst the Broncos faithful, all collectively breathing a huge sigh of relief. The sense of relief was palpable.

What a night! The drama, the tension, the raw emotion. One of the most extraordinary nights I’ve ever experienced in sport. An unforgettable night that will live long in the memory. Although we got relegated on the final day, I think every Broncos will agree with me that we couldn’t be prouder of the players, coaches and everyone connected with the club for what we achieved last season. Last season delivered some amazing moments.