The London Broncos are delighted to launch their brand new lottery initiative which will enable fans of the club to support the outstanding Youth Development programme run by the club that has proven so vital in providing players for the first team squad for many years.

On top of this the club are pleased to have Community team Brixton Bulls joining us as beneficiaries of the lotto with the option for lotto players to select Brixton as an option for their funding to be used towards. This will see the club receive tickets for the clubs players, coaches and parents, vital equipment, coaching sessions/appearances from Broncos staff and players and free kit!

It is hoped that other community clubs and projects will join the lotto in the future.

For fans of the Broncos wishing to support our youth programme they can select the clubs name when placing their lines and proceeds from this will go towards the cost of our Academy and Scholarship programmes as well as our community team which aims to help all Rugby League playing Clubs, Schools and Colleges in the South East.

The format is simple, based around the same style as the UK National Lottery, and players can select lines of 4 numbers from a possible 32 with a starting jackpot of £500 which will be added to each week when there is no lucky winner. Every week there will be 2 guaranteed Bonus prizes of £10 and a signed Broncos shirt meaning at least 3 people will win a prize each week.

Apart from online players will be able to play on a match day once our fixtures commence with agents around the stadium in the build up to kick off and at half time to take cash entries in person. These players will immediately receive a text message or email to confirm their entries. The club will also be looking for volunteer agents moving forward to sell the lotto on none match days in their local area and/or workplace.

Broncos Commercial Manager James Milner is keen to point out the benefits of the lotto to the game of Rugby League in London saying “For a long time the Broncos have tried to build relationships with the community clubs in the South East with varying degrees of success. We feel that the Community RL Lotto not only helps us generate much needed revenue for the costs of developing our own players but also gives the community clubs a chance to get behind this project with direct benefits for them right from the very off. In fact after raising only £5 the club will start to receive free tickets that they will hopefully use to bring Kids, Parents and Club Volunteers to games that may not have attended, or being able to attend, Broncos games otherwise.

The Broncos first team is perhaps seen as the highest point a player can reach in the South East but we have to remember the hard work that goes on in Primary Schools, Mini’s Rugby League and all of the years after that leading to the Scholarship programme by many hard working volunteers across the game. This is one way we feel we can support the people carrying out this work and help our own system thrive at the same time so we urge our fans to support this in their numbers where they can, it is a vital source of income for the club and the wider RL community.”

RL fans around the World can help support the Broncos and Brixton Bulls and the wider community pathway in general by following the link below to our London Broncos Community Rugby League Lotto and playing from as little as £1 per week (minimum 5 weeks at a time online).

To play the lotto follow the link here –