After hearing from Head Coach Danny Ward last week, spoke to Club Captain Will Lovell at the start of the second week of pre-season, and like his coach, the skipper was delighted to be back doing what he does best with a ball in hand.

As with all of the players Lovell had tried to maintain his fitness levels throughout the 9 months of inactivity but getting back on the field with a handful of his team mates and the coaching staff was a huge boost for him. He said “It’s been awesome to get back to some kind of normality and training in our small groups at Rosslyn Park.”

“All of us know how fortunate we are to be allowed to train as Elite athletes, unlike some of our fans who have really suffered since last March, so we try to keep that in mind and take advantage of being able to work in small groups in this stage 1 training and make the most of the chance to get together.”

Lovell also stressed the additional benefits to be had with the smaller number of players training together at any one time saying “It’s certainly different, you only get to see the people in your group of course, but it’s really good to be getting some time to pick the coaching staffs brains with the one to one stuff and work on individual aspects of our game. This is not only a massive plus for the younger lads but also us experienced players and something you probably wouldn’t normally be able to do.”

“Wardy and Langers have so much experience to offer from their playing days and it is a bit different getting so much time to ask for their advice.”

If things go according to plans set out by the RFL earlier this month the players can increase to stage 2 training next week, which will see the whole squad back in at the same time, and Will was hoping this can happen to start to step up the preparations for the Championship season.

He added “These first two weeks will have been great to get the body back up to speed but it will be good to get the full squad in next week if we are able to and start to lift the quality of training further.”

The progress in recent weeks, seeing players return to training and plans starting to take shape was clearly pleasing to Lovell, but the popular Captain took some time to reflect on what has been a tough year for many of the clubs fans, and wanted to reassure those supporters that the players are sympathetic to the situations many find themselves in.

Lovell said “We can sometimes take for granted how lucky we are to have been paid during the last 10 months, and know that for some of our supporters this was not the case. It will mean everything to us as a squad to be back out in front of those fans at some point this season and hope that they are allowed to join us from the first game.”