Broncos Half Back Cory Aston sees the early Challenge Cup Games as the perfect chance to shake off the rust of 2020 but is not too worried about who that is against at this stage.

Aston told Broncos Media “I really don’t mind who we play in the First Round of the Cup, we just want to win and get into the second round to be honest.”

“These games are a great chance for us to test ourselves and most of the teams will also be rusty so who we play doesn’t matter to me.”

Cory’s Dad, Mark, is of course the Head Coach of Championship rivals Sheffield Eagles and in the draw tonight for the First round but Aston Junior told us the rivalry can wait for now.

“ I have faced my Dad twice now, and I’m winning 2-0, but I am in no rush to do that again yet. We will get 2 meetings against one another in the league this year and all that matters for me at the moment is getting games and hopefully seeing the crowds come back as soon as possible.”

As with all of the players Aston has found Pre-Season different to anything he has had before but was quick to praise the coaching staff for the way the club has adapted to the challenges.

Aston said “ We started off in small groups doing simple stuff, trying to get the fundamentals right and fine tuning the basics of our game. We have just gone into full team stuff which has been good and it’s great to start building combinations with some of the new boys that have come in.”

“All the boys came back in fantastic shape but after having so long off and our bodies not been accustomed to any high intensity, high speed and change of direction field stuff, Training so far as been pretty moderate. The staff have been smart and really looked after us, they have been careful to make sure nobody picked up any soft tissue injuries. I’m sure Mike (Eccles) will ramp it up over the next couple of weeks.”

Unlike many of the younger players who live in shared houses Cory lives with his wife so the loneliness of the past 10 months being away from team mates and family in the North was hard but the return to Full Time training is helping to put the difficult year behind him.

He told us “ My wife is heavily pregnant and with the lockdowns and restrictions as well I have really not seen much of the boys or my family. This was really hard especially at Christmas.”

“And then we got the last minute cancellation of Pre-Season which was another setback but we are hopefully through the worst now and can focus on getting back on the field and hopefully seeing the fans very soon.”