Sponsors & Partners 2019

Bartercard UK

Headline & Exclusive Sponsor


Bartercard offers a barter-trading system for businesses to exchange goods and services within a global community. Bartercard acts as a third party record keeper to enable SMEs to purchase goods and services by utilising “Trade Pounds” as a currency across their global network of businesses.


Global Smartdot – EMF Partner


 Breast of Shirt


If you want a simple, affordable, effective solution to improve sleep, energy and performance energydots are for you.
We are surrounded by electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) from our phones, computers, tablets, and the ever present wi-Fi. There is mounting concern that our constant high exposure to these fields affects our sleep patterns, every day performance and could have serious long term health effects.


Cyber Radio – Media & Advertising Partner

Back of Shirt – Top


Listen on DAB+, Online and Mobile


Buy Sports Kit- Kit Partner



Buy Sports Kit Pro are proud suppliers of playing kit, apparel and merchandise to the London Broncos for 2019, in association with Errea.


Anderson Travel – Official Coach Travel Partner

Training Kit

Anderson Travel is one of London’s most respected travel companies. It’s reputation has been built up over 30 years by owner Mark Anderson working closely with a team of experienced travel professionals.


Nuffield Health – Rehabilitation Partner

Bottom of Back of Shirt


Conveniently located in the Broadway Shopping Centre Nuffield Health Ealing  in West London will help you keep active with a stunning swimming pool and fully-equipped, modern gym. Personal training and swimming instruction is also available to help gym members reach their fitness goals and feel at their physical best.


Dacia Retail- Automotive & Community Partner

Training Kit



As a brand of the Renault Group, Dacia uses clever sourcing and proven technology to ensure its cars are reliable, robust and affordable. From the Sandero hatchback to the Duster SUV, Dacia cars are simple to use and affordable to own. That’s why German customers voted Dacia their second favourite manufacturer in the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey, in 2010, just behind Audi and ahead of Mercedes-Ben


 We Are Gntlmen

Top of Right Sleeve – Matchday Attire


Born in 2013 & re-invented in 2016, We Are Gntlmen sets out on it’s mission to re-invent the true gentleman. We believe that every man should be honest, kind, well mannered, chivalrous and well dressed. We believe that when you look good, you feel good & when you feel good, you’ll do good.


Hawk IT Services – London Broncos Website Hosts.


Hawk is a leading IT Services provider dedicated to helping our clients get the most out of their IT. We are here to support when things go wrong but also provide expert consulting and strategy planning to ensure the right balance of technology.


London Broncos Supporters Association

                               Academy Shirt Sponsor


The Association is keen to work with the Broncos to help promote the Club and ensure the match day experience is as good as it can be. Also members feel they can contribute in a number of wider areas of concern to the Club and the wider game.


    Sorted Magazine

    Scholarship Shirt Sponsor & Media partner


Sorted was launched at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast in 2007, by British entertainer and motivational speaker, Steve Legg. Through its associated charity, Breakout Trust, thousands of free magazines are sent into 62 Prisons, to members of HM Armed Forces and into Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centres throughout the UK. Also available in hundreds of WHSmith stores nationwide and in newsstands globally, in a relatively short space of time, Sorted has been voted the world’s most wholesome men’s magazine with 100,000 readers in 21 countries.

Voodoo Mouthguards

Official Mouthguard Supplier. Back Of Shorts Sponsor




Voodoo Mouthguards provide a professionally fitted custom made mouthguard in bespoke designs. Our team at Voodoo will assist in the impression process of your teeth to create a unique mouthguard that perfectly fits your mouth. Our designers will work with you to create a design that you love.


Man of the Match Sponsor


Whether its for brunch, lunch or an evening meal visit Grillville in Pitshanger Lane in West Ealing for food that’s out of this world.