12 Jan 18
By Media Team
Posted in Team News

Academy promote from within.

Following the recruitment and selection process for the Under 19s Head Coach position London Broncos are pleased to formally announce that Huw Goodwin has agreed to take the role on.

Huw has been with the club for over 5 years starting as an assistant coach on the Scholarship programme and for the last two years as the Under 16 Head Coach. He will also have a new assistant academy coach in the shape of first team captain, Jay Pitts while Danny Mays will continue his role as strength & conditioning coach for the academy side . Previous coach, Jamie Langley, now be able to focus on the first team alone.

He has played high level rugby league and handball professionally and then within a coaching capacity worked on multiple rugby league performance programmes in the UK.

Huw is a psychologist and his private clinical work has involved working with individual professional sportsmen and delivering work shops on behalf of various bodies such as for the RFU rugby players association (RPA) on aspects of mental skills to Premiership players.

Goodwin said, ” I am absolutely delighted to be given such a great opportunity as this. I have worked with many of the current Academy squad in the scholarship programme and this feels like the natural progression for me. Jamie has done a fantastic job with the Academy side as their results showed last season. We have lost a few very good players to the first team but that only goes to show the natural progression and nurturing of the talent we have and can produce here in the south.”

Goodwin continued, ” For me now it’s about learning more about the structure and make up of the side and yes we may lose a few games but right now for me it’s about building, again, for the future of London Broncos.”

Both the Academy side and Scholarship have their own dedicated sponsors this season with the London Broncos Supporters association on the Academy shirt and Sorted Magazine on the front of the scholarship shirt. Both will also be supported by our Charity partners at Footprints Foundation and Goodwin recognised the need for the sides identities.

“I think it’s important for both sides to have their own identity. With the LBSA on board again it means the supporters are taking an active role in the furthering of these boys and they will know who they are when they hopefully move into the first team. The Scholarship have a great opportunity now with their new sponsors too with Sorted magazine giving them a captive audience through the print media as well as all our other channels.”

Head of Youth Development, Rob Powell, said, “Huw has shown tremendous commitment to the club over a long time. He is an outstanding coach with a proven track record in performance sport. ”

“I think everyone will be glad to continue the ethos of developing good people and promoting those from within our own environment as we have done now for both the Academy and first team here at London Broncos.”