09 May 17
By Media Team
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Alex Walker: London Broncos is home

21 year old Alex Walker has been with the club for seven years – he’s been through name changes, ground changes, logo changes, and still says London Broncos is home in rugby league. He lists his proudest achievement to date, as making his first team debut.

Being from London, what does it mean to you to play for the Broncos?
I am originally from Hertfordshire near to where David Beckham lives, so it’s very important to me to be playing here. I’ve been here since I was in the under 15s, so London Broncos are rugby league to me.

There are now a few youngsters from London having come through the system – why do you think that is?
I think we have a massive base from which to pick now. There are quite a few rugby league clubs in and around the capital, so a lot more people understand how to play the game. The talent is out there and due to the club, it’s now starting to shine through.

You’ve been here seven years now – how have things changed in that time?
Well the name has changed for starters! When I joined originally it was Harlequins Rugby League with the old red, black and brown kit. Things have changed a lot. I’ve played at three different grounds and about five different training grounds. The good thing now is we have stability here at Trailfinders and it makes us all feel as if we have a permanent home now.

We all know that you play at fullback – but was does that mean?
That’s actually a really hard question to answer. I know what my job is within the team but explaining it is quite a challenge.

There is a huge amount of responsibility on me. The simple answer is catch the ball, run hard, sort the numbers out and do my best to get around the park and score some tries when we get the breaks.

How do you think the season has gone up to now?
It’s not gone the way we wanted it, to be honest. We’ve had some good wins and some tough losses. We are slowly getting better and getting to where we actually want to be.

We’re now four wins from four since Easter, so what’s been the difference between now and the beginning of the season?
I would say the difference has been that everyone is now pulling together in the same direction. Everyone is buying into the team way of thinking, and not as a group of individuals now. Everyone is now working really hard for each other and it’s showing out on the field.

You’re still quite young, but what has been the highlight of your career so far?
Well it has to be being picked and playing for Scotland in the European Championships against the likes of Wales and France. The biggest thing for me though was making my debut for the first team here at Broncos. Being here so long and being a fan made it all the more special.

Have you played international rugby league against any of your teammates?
Yes. I played on the wing for Scotland and faced up to Dalton Grant, Rhys Williams and Michael Channing and also against Will Barthau when he played for France.

We have some passionate fans here at Broncos – what do they bring to the boys on match day?
We always see similar and familiar faces and knowing that they are there for us cheering us on makes a huge difference. It’s great for the boys and it encourages us through the bad times and the good.

If there was one thing I could say to the fans it would be thank you for coming each week and I hope we can achieve something for you as well as for us this season.

What’s your personal aim for this season?
For me it’s just to play as many games as I can as well as I can. Personally, my contract is up at the end of this season and I would love to carry on playing here as it’s been my home for so long.

Everyone knows the aim is Super League, and if we play as a team and work as hard as we can throughout the rest of this year the dream may come true.