04 Apr 18
By Broncos Media
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Api Pewhairangi:- The Interview

This is your third season here at the Broncos what was it that first attracted you to the club?

To be honest I didn’t know a lot about London or the club for that matter. I was playing Rugby Union over in Ireland and wasn’t enjoying it and the opportunity came up. I was looking for a lifeline back in Rugby League and London turned out to be that lifeline for me. I did the four week trial and just fell in love with the club, the city and the lads that were here.

London is a very far cry from your home of New Zealand. Are there any similarities between the two?

No not at all to be honest. It’s totally different for us Kiwis living on this side of the world. It’s a whole new experience and way of life. The lifestyle, for us, is so exciting over here it’s something that we really enjoy and embrace. The great thing too is being so close to mainland Europe gives us a chance to travel and enjoy countries we might not get the chance to see.

Some people may have the misconception that New Zealand is very much like Australia. It isn’t but what is it that makes you think, yes, New Zealand is home?

Wow. That’s a good question. Just, I think, the people, the greenery and the landscape. I haven’t seen anywhere really on this continent that reminds me of home. I think the closest I came to it was when I played in Ireland and the rolling hills and lushness of the countryside probably were the nearest. The landscapes at home are incredible especially if you go down to the South Island.

Coming over from Ireland and its similarities to home coming to London must have been a massive culture shock for you?

Oh it was a massive difference for me coming here. The rat race of the underground where, you know, people just push you out of the way for example. Its head down and go and that so different for me. I’m not saying all Londoners are like that obviously but it’s so fast paced 24 hours a day. The other side of the coin though is that I love it here and it’s a culture that I am really embracing.

You live with your partner here now and that’s great but how has it changed the way you live and play Rugby League?

It’s probably the first time I have had a partner since playing. I came over here as a single guy and I met Paris, my partner in Acton on Mark Ioane’s birthday. Since meeting her it’s been so different. Having the chance to travel with her and do amazing things together. We now live together as you said and it’s helped me to find a balance between my life on and off the pitch. Mark has a lot to answer for!! When I’m not playing we go all over we’ve loved the rich history here in London and place like Camden market are great.

Now as you said you had Mark Ioane, a fellow Kiwi, here at the time but how did you find settling in with a group of English lads?

The guys have been awesome since I got here and were all really welcoming. It took a bit of time to get used to their banter but I understand most of it now. We have a really tight knit group of players here in London and we go out together for nights out for coffee on days off its great. I think it has also helped as a team on the field as we know each other so well now that it’s transferring on to the pitch too.

Now your Mum is an ardent follower of your career on social media and always congratulates you. Is it hard being so far away from family?

Look I left home when I was 16 years old and I have been playing away from them since then. It doesn’t get any easier I can promise you but just knowing they are my biggest supporters from afar make it a lot less painful when I don’t see them for long periods of time. They call me a lot before and after games but without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.