26 Jan 16
By Media Team
Posted in Club News

Broncos partner with Contactus Ealing

The London Broncos are thrilled to have partnered with Contactus Ealing – a local advertising service, supporting and promoting businesses in Ealing and close surrounding areas.

The deal will see the Contactus logo featured on the 2016 home and away kit, as well as a partnership with the Broncos Business Club.

Tom Hamlyn Williams, commercial manager of the club, said the affiliation was perfectly suited to both organisations.

“Contactus is highly involved with the Ealing community, and given the Broncos are currently creating a community business minded networking opportunity in Ealing, you probably couldn’t have found a better fit.

“Ealing is our new home, and we want to embrace it in its entirety.”

Contactus use booklet-sized magazines, published both online and in print – Contactus Ealing and The_Ealinger weekly – to promote local businesses. Local businesses use the magazines to advertise their offers, and advert slots start from £20.

The company also host lots of free online and face-to-face networking opportunities.

Editor-publisher Carlene Bender said “We’re all excited to see how London Broncos’ move to Ealing will alter and invigorate the area. Contactus is based in Pitshanger, which is next door to the club’s home ground at Trailfinders Sports Club, so we already feel connected.

“I’ve always enjoyed seeing how sports clubs get involved with their local businesses, and the fact that London Broncos have come to Ealing already switched on to that idea, well that’s my kind of club.

When asked what the partnership means for her business, Bender said the benefits are clear, “as one of London Broncos’ local partners, I’d like to maximise the many and varied opportunities that the club offers for promoting my business, and encourage other business-owners to see how these opportunities can work for them too.

“The benefits to my business are obvious – the exposure is tremendous, starting with the Contactus Ealing logo on the collar of the first team shirt – wow!

“And for me personally, it feels good to be part of something healthy and uplifting and community-building. Here’s to a winning season for our very own Ealing London Broncos!”