30 Mar 17
By Media Team
Posted in Community News

Ealing Alternative Provision and the London Broncos

The London Broncos community programme continued the great work started earlier this year with Ealing Alternative Provision, inviting a group of young people to take part in a rugby league training session at Trailfinders Sports Club on Tuesday.

Ealing Alternative Provision (EAP) provides education for young people who are unable to continue their education in the mainstream setting.

Community Manager, John Keyes, started the relationship in the hope that the game would help the young people to learn the right skills to be able to return to mainstream education.

Christian, one of the young men involved in the programme, said he’s been able to rediscover his love of rugby league with the help of John Keyes and Community Broncos.

“John has been a real help to me”, he said, “helping me with taking instructions, helping with my reading by sitting and reading books with me. He has just been helpful with everything I have done.

“The best part about EAP for me has been being able to play sport with London Broncos. I have done some rugby league training which I really enjoyed as I played rugby league before.”

There are obvious differences between the mainstream education and the current situation they find themselves, but what are the main changes?

“We have smaller classes, less education and the biggest difference is the behaviour of everyone around the school, which is not as good as mainstream. The teachers really try to help you, give you counselling with people like John and they try and get you back into mainstream schools,” he added.

Christian is making good progress, and is working towards regaining a place in mainstream schools. He said that the changes he has been taught in life by the London Broncos community team were the main things he would take with him.

He hopes to be at university studying business in five years’ time, but in the meantime he has found a renewed passion for the sport of rugby league, due to the continued support from John Keyes and Community Broncos.