28 Feb 17
By Media Team
Posted in Team News

Henderson: we earned those two points

Sunday saw a much improved performance from Andrew Henderson’s side, securing a spirited and professional win over Dewsbury Rams, and a spot in top four. A win, which, unlike the previous week, Henderson says was thoroughly deserved.

“That’s the best we’ve played away from home all year. Don’t get me wrong, there were still some areas we need to improve, but those conditions were unbelievable.

“It was a very heavy, boggy pitch as we knew, and that wind was just unbelievable. I think we’ve seen the aftermath of storm Doris there that we had to deal with.

“I’m really, really proud of the players – I challenged them this week after the back of the performance against Oldham. I wasn’t happy, and I challenged them – asked a few questions of them, and gave a few ideas that they could do to help each other.

“I’m just really pleased – there were two things I asked of them this week – get your attitude and your mentality right, and I want to see that togetherness and unity and I think we saw that in abundance. We were never going to be beaten on Sunday, that was our attitude.

“We could have been smarter at times in that second half – we were trying to play with a bit too much width with the windy conditions and we needed to tighten it up a little bit, and we didn’t quite seem to grasp that until the back end of the game, but I cannot fault the defensive effort – I thought it was immense.

“The players were strong, dominant, and worked hard for each other both inside and outside. We handled anything that Dewsbury really threw at us, bar that first try we conceded in the first half. Overall,  I was very pleased with our defensive effort.

“I thought we deserved to win, we were always in control of that game. Yes, I do wish we were a little better and a little bit more efficient with what we did with the ball, but the conditions had a large part to play in that.

“The big things for me were unity and strength together, and I think they ticked those two boxes. It was hard for both teams in those conditions – no one could really open up and get any sort of acceleration or speed on that surface.

“That aside, it was a really solid team performance – a really strong, defensive, gritty team performance from the London Broncos. We thoroughly deserved our win.

“Last week we were feeling like we were lucky to get that win, and this week we’re feeling like we’ve earned those two points. That puts us now into the top four, and hopefully we can stay there.”

The Broncos face the newly reformed Bradford Bulls at home this weekend – tickets are available here.