21 Feb 17
By Media Team
Posted in Team News

Henderson: we got out of jail

Andrew Henderson’s side scraped a last minute victory over Oldham Roughyeds on Sunday, in an error riddled performance that the head coach says they didn’t deserve to win.

“I don’t think we deserved to win the game, I think we got out of jail.

“We were extremely lucky to get a result. The opposition had a lot more energy, intent and enthusiasm, I thought they played smarter, they played the conditions better, and they were prepared to keep working and keep grinding and grinding. I certainly can feel coach Naylor’s pain, he’ll feel aggrieved that they didn’t get something out of the game.

“Some of our defensive work wasn’t good enough. A lot of stuff we did with the ball was really poor. We didn’t respect the opposition enough. We weren’t respectful of each other, really.

“We had to roll the sleeves up – the conditions weren’t going to allow us to play like we could play last week [against Hull KR], and we had to do the tough stuff, and we just weren’t prepared to do that, at times. We tried to play our way out of trouble, as opposed to getting back to basics of running hard and getting ends to sets and kick chasing – finishing in the right areas of field.

“We never earned any field position, and that was because – credit to Oldham’s defence – they controlled our tempo off play and again we just kept making too many errors. Our discipline at times let us down. On the whole, a very ordinary performance from us, but in hindsight, I have to say we defended our try line quite well.

“Every time Oldham were down there we looked comfortable on the try line – we handled the shape and the stuff they were throwing at us, so I’ve got to give us a wrap for our try line defence, I thought it stood pretty well for the majority. We had to observe a hell of a lot of pressure at times.

“Too often we made it easy for them to get field position – we didn’t front up when they were coming off their line and again we weren’t finishing our sets well enough to build any pressure.

“It was a very ordinary performance from the London Broncos, but very pleased to get the two points and keep us on course for what we want to achieve. A lot of individuals really need to have a good look and reflect and probably put their hand up and be honest and say that what they delivered for their teammates wasn’t enough.

“I wouldn’t say it was a lack of effort or people not wanting to try when they were out there, we just fell into that trap of trying to play around them rather than playing that more direct route in those conditions, and it hurt us. We just couldn’t seem to recover or learn from that, and we just kept shooting ourselves in the foot, and that was frustrating.

“It was partly because Oldham were up hard, and they were in our face, they were rattling us, and weren’t allowing us to play how we like to play. I don’t want to discredit the opposition too much, because I thought it was a day for Oldham. They can count themselves unlucky not to have got something out of the game.

“This team has got something, I’ve got to admit – it’s got some resilience and some character about it. Even last season, we had to win a couple of games ugly. This week we’ve not been anywhere near the standards that we set, and we had to win ugly, but we did it.

“Looking to Dewsbury, we’ve just got to make sure that we respond better – that’s the fact. It was a get out of jail card for us, and we need to learn that we have to be better, and we have to play the conditions better.

“I’m hoping that was a slap in the face, and the boys get a wake up call and we respond well with a good and disciplined week, ready to face Dewsbury – we’ll have to make sure we’ve got all hands on deck, and we’re all fully focused.”