11 Apr 18
By Media Team
Posted in Club News

Max Savage has the best of both worlds.

The London Broncos Community programme works under many guises covering many areas. Within the programme are a team of individuals who not only love the club and the sport but love the work they do for so many people.
Max Savage is a prime example of one such person. Having started the game of Rugby League at the tender age of six years old Max has been on a journey and he spoke to us about his transition from child to player to working adult.
“I started playing Rugby when I was six years old at Redbridge Raiders with my brother Joe, who plays for Bradford Bulls. I played with them for a couple of years until it got a bit dangerous for me to play with the older boys and that was when I joined my first community club, Medway Dragons. I played with them up until I was about 14 or 15 and was then picked to play for the South Origin side. Off of the back of my performance in that game I was picked up for the Broncos Scholarship system by Rob Powell who is the Head of Youth Development.”
Max is one of the many young men who are drafted into the Broncos system and he has since gone through the Scholarship, into the Academy set up and in the meantime was working as an apprentice for the RFL.
“When I was 16 I left school. I didn’t do A Levels or take the college route like most people would at that age instead I signed up to an RFL apprenticeship. I was a big part of the Sky Try Foundation and I did all my community work for them. They were very helpful as knowing I played for the Broncos they let me do a lot of my work actually at Broncos as part of my job.
Max has worked closely not only with Broncos but also with the London Rugby League Foundation.
“Through the London Rugby League foundation I started getting into coaching. I have coached the origin sides as I thought it only right to give back what so many have given to me in the past. I love coaching with the origin sides.
Moving into the Broncos Academy meant that the work Max did was becoming more in volume and took him too many different environments and schools within the Borough of Ealing.
“We have put Broncos into many schools and the kids just love it. They love the Mascot Buck and get so excited whenever the players come in to work with them. I think the children listen to the players more than the teachers now. One school we were at was called Hathaway Primary School who had unfortunately been put into special measures. We put the community project in there with many different initiatives encouraging the children in many ways. Be at School on Time with the Broncos was our way of bringing lateness and school attendance up to standard. We had the Princes Trust and the Mosaic project there too.”
The Mosaic project saw the children at, the now newly named, Woodlands Academy have mentoring sessions with the community staff and players from London Broncos. The initiative also saw the parents take an active part in the sessions with them learning potential new parenting skills too.
Max savage is one of many people who make a difference through the community project and the story has an inspiring ending.
“I now work full time at Woodlands Academy. Based on the work I had done they gave me a fulltime job at the start of the school year. I work with the children in many ways as a mentor. They can come to me to read, to chat anything really. I am so glad that the hard work has paid off and that London Broncos community project continue to work in so many great ways to help so many great people.”