26 Mar 17
By Broncos Media
Posted in Club News

Sammut on how much he loves his mum

Jarrod Sammut’s lucky enough to have three mothers in his life – his own mum, Kim, his partner, Jess (mum to their two sons Jax and Jardi), and Jess’ mum, Sue, so we had a chat to the Aussie halfback on what Mother’s Day involves in the Sammut family.

What does Mother’s Day mean in your family?

“Seeing as I’m an only child, I’ve grown up quite close to my mother and especially now with the distance between us, the bond between us is probably closer than ever, really. I guess growing up, I’ve always been close to me mum, but now with the distance, that bond there is really telling and showing just what she means to me.”

Why should people join us at the rugby this Mother’s Day?

“Obviously our game’s quite family-orientated and we look at ourselves as the family sport.

“Our London Broncos, we’re still trying to build our fortress here and take the club forward. Mother’s Day is something quite special to all of us and what better way than to combine both of them – rugby league and Mother’s Day – and really celebrate and give her a bit of love and affection they’ve given us and support over the years.

“I think everybody’s gonna enjoy this weekend and again it’s a little chance for us to just reach out to mothers, because some of us probably don’t do it as often as we should. It’s nice for them to know that they are quite special to us.”

What will Jardi and Jax have in store for Jess?

“No doubt they’re going to wake her up bright and early, but I think they’re just gonna be – well Jax is definitely a mummy’s boy and Jardi is quite himself, but he does go through phases of affection, again mummy’s normally the recipient of that.

“I think she’s going to enjoy the day, and again the boys aren’t going to shy away from giving her plenty of attention and love and affection.”

With an Australian mother, you obviously get to celebrate twice a year- what do you do for your mum in May?

“Normally I’ll tee something up with someone back home, and obviously she’s quite lucky she gets two. I generally FaceTime her on Mother’s Day, just give her a quick rundown on how much I love her and obviously reminisce on a few memories we’ve had and then it gets taken over by Jardi and Jax popping on the screen wanting to talk to Grandma.

“I think she knows exactly how much she means to me and how loved she is and I’m quite grateful, that. I like to think I’ve got the best mother in the world!”

Finally, any messages for your mum, Kim, on Sunday?

“Happy Mother’s Day, I really do hope you have a lovely day. Missing you loads and just know that you’re loved dearly and look forward to seeing you.”