03 Nov 18
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November’s here!

I wonder how many of us have started the countdown ? No I don’t mean to Christmas I mean how many days left until the first Super League game ?
Put it this way if there’s only eight weeks until Christmas then there’s only 12 weeks until the Rugby League season kicks off again and whilst I’m currently having a great time watching some fantastic rugby union stuff, which I’m sure you all are as well, I can’t wait for the Broncos to be off and doing their thing showing the world they seriously deserve their new status as a Super League club, oh and it’s not too far away that the lovely new kits will be available from BSK Pro. @BuyKit messaged me last week to tell me the kit should be available in November !

Watch this space for the actual date as they said they would let me know, I have one very excited little lad waiting for his !

The Twitter news on the Broncos feed since my article last week has brought us a constant stream of good news regarding new signings, from Matty Fozzard the fleet footed Welshman to newly announced Gideon Boafo. Congratulations to Gideon who at the young age of 19 has signed with a Super League club as his first full time contract. What a total Buzz for him, amazing to think he’s been with the Broncos since he was 15 and has progressed through the academy development program, talk about a successful home grown talent good news story, along with yesterday’s announcement that Jordan Abdull is coming over to us from Hull FC the updates are coming quicker than I can keep track of.
New blood joining the ranks of home grown players developed by the club, such as Matt Davies who has also re-signed for the next season at this stage allowing everyone the time to bond before the new season.

The next season will also have us witnessing play by the very experienced Greg Richards who at just 23 has 100 games to his credit, with something like 70 played at super league level .

All in all we are being treated to some brilliant new additions to the team and this can only be of real benefit to the team going into the 2019 season, adding to the great bunch of guys we already have.

Seriously an exciting time to be a Broncos fan!

Some news from Rugby League  in general this week.  If you want to have a mosey on across to the rugby-league.com website there is the opportunity to win a signed Billy Boston MBE shirt. Billy is widely celebrated as one of the games greatest ever players, with 31 appearances for the country and as Wigan’s highest ever try scorer, a prize well worth winning in my view.

My final mention and welcome this week goes to the Broncos new sponsor Global Smartdot Ltd. Their EMF exposure management system seems like it could give our guys a boost by protecting them from harmful emissions from phones and laptops and such like. I must say I don’t really understand how it works so I’m going to head over to their website www.energydots.co.uk to find out more. Welcome to the winning team that is the London Broncos Guys!

Yours in sport

Mike Molloy

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