10 Aug 18
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Beach Rugby, one of my favourite ways to enjoy one of my favourite sports !

As the Broncos super 8s qualifiers got under way this week I was sitting overlooking a beach in stunning Devon with near perfect internet and glorious sunshine, the beach in question was totally stunning and could have been anywhere in the world, surrounded by dramatic sea and cliff views, it was very aptly named Beer Beach as I spent the evening sipping an ice cold Peroni and gleaning what information I could about the game on the sly using my phone whilst enjoying a freshly caught fish supper with my wife and children.
When the sun is shining there is no better country in the world to holiday than the UK.
Henry kept leaning across to me a asking me, in a whisper that his mum could quite plainly hear, how the game was going until she finally gave in and let him sit with my mobile giving us all a running commentary.
A more close run game wasn’t possible to have than this one, leaving it right down to the wire before clinching it was the perfect end to the perfect day for the Molloy family with another rugby win and a sunset to die for, thank you lads !

It being one of my older daughters wedding this weekend we had to return to Derbyshire today to make preparations and welcome a plethora of relatives and friends from across the country and beyond including one or two distant Guinness Marinaded cousins from the Emerald Isle and a my brother from his hideaway in Paris, the reason I mention him is that it turns out that he is a committed fan of Toulouse and I never knew, I knew of course that he was a rugby fan, like we all are but I had no idea that he followed league, I thought that he, like me up until recently was a follower of rugby union alone, what a turn up, the fact that he lives in Paris and has been in France for at least 40 years means he is in tune with sport in France and quite naturally supports Toulouse.

I had an interesting chat with a fellow Broncos fan on twitter last week all about my rugby hero Jonah Lomu, it was a really great trip down memory lane remembering such a fantastic player and my twitter pal Captain Chaos reminded me that the great Jonah came from a rugby league background a fact I did know but had forgotten, it’s ironic that rugby union guys seem to delight in some sort of rugby snobbery but that some of the greats have played both codes in their careers.

Follow me on twitter and Tweet me your rugby idols, from either code, with an explanation of why they were your idol or some funny story about rugby greats you might know, I’ll put a prize up for the best ones.

I was in fact such a fan of Jonah Lomu that I got my illustrator to do me a painting of him in a trio of my favourite people and here it is








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