17 Aug 18
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Sometimes rugby can be a well deserved distraction!

As the Broncos look forward to meeting the giants of rugby league that are the Leeds Rhinos this Sunday in the next of their games, it strikes me that the more rugby there is in the world the more contented we all are, it’s a great treat to look forward to in the grimmest of moments and could be used as a training ground for people with bad manners or who are challenged in the temper department, I have met so many rugby players who are like a tornado of bubbling aggression on the pitch and yet you could never wish to meet a more gentle and delightful guy off the pitch.

This image of a rugby gentleman was completely thrown away this week as we all read of the disgraceful behaviour displayed by rugby union’s Danny Cipriani, I can’t begin to comment on the reasons behind the fracas that took place as I wasn’t there but I can give my view on the cowardly and aggressive behaviour he displayed towards a woman, who was trying to do her job as a police officer and ended up bruised and shaken up by her encounter with him, any man who raises his hand to a woman loses the right to be called a man anyway, but when that man is as sizeable as Danny Cipriani it’s even worse, to be so arrogant as to assume that he was above the law simply because of who he is is in my view unforgivable.

My own advice to Eddie Jones would be to leave Cipriani out of his future plans because people like him are not representative of our favourite sport in either code, enough said about him !

I invited my reader to send me names of favourite players, past and present, from either code last week and was delighted by some of the names put forward and so happy to be taken on quite a few trips down memory lane and was given one name from decades ago that was a delight to research and find out more about, keep them coming as the more names I get the more my own knowledge improves through research.

One of my current favourite players to watch is that master of the offload Sonny Bill Williams of the All Blacks, his pass to Ma Nonu in the last World Cup was one of the highlights of my World Cup viewing, it was an incredible piece of thinking play in which Sonny Bill pulled in four defenders and once he was sure they had him pinned he simply popped the ball over their heads to the waiting hands of the charismatic Ma who then thundered down the length of the pitch unhindered by any defence at all while Sonny Bill stood watching his run with a smile as broad as a Cheshire Cat, fantastic Intelligent rugby and a true moment to remember.
Sonny Bill has had success in union as well as league and even excels in sevens, not to mention his successes in the boxing ring as a heavyweight fighter, which takes me back to my starting point of bubbling tornado of aggression on the pitch but a total gentleman off the pitch and anyone would agree after seeing Sonny Bill hand his World Cup medal to a young boy in the crowd who had been treated badly he is a true Rugby Gentleman unlike the previously mentioned Danny Cipriani, who most definitely is not !

The London Broncos, however, are a team made up a complete gentlemen, who I am looking forward to seeing display “All Blacks” style intelligent Rugby on Sunday against the Leeds Rhinos coupled with exactly the right amount of bubbling aggression, which in turn will carry them to yet another fantastic victory to continue their unbroken run of wins.

Good luck lads, do your best and as always Henry and I will be rooting for you here in Derbyshire.

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