04 Sep 18
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Please note this piece was written before the game against Toronto Wolfpack on Saturday 1st September 2018.

The Toronto Wolfpack, Bulgarian Rugby League and excruciating Royal Ballet workouts !

Sitting on my balcony watching a fabulous sunrise here in Bulgaria, my thoughts are with the London Broncos boys winging their way towards their next encounter with the Toronto Wolfpack.

Watching the @londonbroncosRL twitter feed it seems like the guys are all settled and relaxed with smiles all round ready for the long and tiring journey.
The thing is even if you do grab some sleep on a plane, in my experience, you still arrive tired at the other end and feeling a bit stretched and ragged round the edges.
Best cure for that guys is a good rest once you get there and plenty of water !

Mind you I’m pretty sure they will be feeling good to begin with, being as they are in peak condition helped along with top training workouts and supplements and supplies from their brilliant sponsors @MyproteinUK keeping them fuelled to the optimum, anyone doubting that just needs to watch the video a couple of tweets ago, I found it exhausting just watching the guys training, thankfully they have the right fuel for all that hard work.

Hard work is something that needs to be reflected on for a minute, for those amongst us who don’t realise just how much hard work and dedication sport of any kind requires to reach any level or decent standard, I can promise you that sometimes it’s mind blowing and the only way to deal with it and get it done is to develop a strong routine that eats into the work to be done little by little each day working towards achievable goals.

My 9 year old son, Henry has spent his summer holidays completing his ballet work routine every morning before any of the fun things he would love to be doing, it takes him over an hour every day and looks excruciating and exhausting to me (not that I would ever tell him that) this morning he was on the beach with his sister Ruby going through the routines together and by the end of it the sweat was pouring off both of them, mind you when they broke up for summer holidays none of the other boys in his class at the royal ballet could do the splits only him and a summer of continued routine has certainly paid off as he will be going back stronger and more supple than ever, as will Ruby.

As for his Sunday morning rugby training with his team at Derby Under 10s it’s doubtful that any of his team mates will be anywhere as fit, fast or strong, in fact ballet training has got to be a good thing for any sportsman as it builds core strength and unbelievable stamina.

With the match against the Toronto Wolfpack being broadcast on sky sports tomorrow at 5.15 I’m going to spend today racing around trying to find a bar that has sky, not sure how successful I’m going to be as it seems that sport isn’t really on the Bulgarian Radar, unless its football, skiing is popular as well but we are not really at the right end of the year for that.

Mind you I have been put right by one reader who quite rightly pointed out that Rugby league is quite well represented here in Bulgaria and that they even have a national team that made its international debut in the Balkans Cup last year, maybe the Broncos should look at inviting them over for a friendly and to build some ties and friendships with Rugby league over here, could be fun and as quite new entrants into the rugby league world I would think they would welcome it, could bring all sorts of opportunities.

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