10 Sep 18
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Hindsight is a wonderful thing!!

Disappointment for the Broncos against the Wolfpack or could the hard work put in during the last quarter of the match continue and spill over into the next game against Toulouse?

I’m hoping so because on my union to league journey I have effectively come to the end of the road I think, well sort of the end of the road I’m still a big union fan but I think I now understand enough about league to be able to pick a club and the Broncos to my mind seem a pretty good bet, they play with style and a certain amount of class they are not quite at the top so there’s all to play for and hope for and as a team they have the feel of winners about them, so yeah I’m happy to say that I am truly convert to rugby league and long to see more from the Broncos in future.

And as I said in my post last week to lose to a team as classy as the Wolfpack by just a few points is no great shame, yes we can all say if only they had got off the mark quicker, if only the first half have seen some of the dynamic play that we saw in the last quarter of the second half things may have been a whole lot different but you know we’re not on the pitch the players are and we are just onlookers into something that they’re experiencing and living right at that moment and there are certain things that happen on the pitch and in a team that the onlooker might not be aware off so, to my mind, there is probably a perfectly good reason why the guys got off to a slow start in last week’s game. I sincerely hope though that lessons from that have been learnt and we get off to a fast start at the next game because to be sure the team from Toulouse will be all over us if we’re not out of the starting blocks fast.

You know I think the next thing I’m going to be looking into in rugby league is where the kids get their start, what do the clubs do to encourage our tiny tigers to take up the fantastic sport of rugby league is there progression ? Are there little tiny teams ?
I’m sure there must be and I’m sure that this is all been thought of before so if anybody out there can fill me in on what we offer in rugby league to children and youngsters up and down the country I’ll be glad to hear it.

I am so looking forward to the match with Toulouse and would like to wish the lads all the best of luck.

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