14 Sep 18
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Back on my journey!

Following a fascinating and eye-opening conversation with one of the guys at Henrys’ rugby training session on Sunday morning I’ve started to ponder once again why there is this schism between rugby league and rugby union?
Also, why should there be such polarised a few of these two codes, both great sports in their own right.

After a quite lengthy discussion on the merits of rugby as a whole we seemed to reach a general consensus that those players that had the benefit of having been brought up and taught both codes through the youth or school system, in general terms, had a better set of skills which they could apply in either code that they took up in later life. One perfect example of this is the New Zealand all Blacks on the virtual dominance of international rugby union, the all Blacks team being made up of a high proportion of guys who have and can play in both coats, their ability to keep the ball moving is very reminiscent of rugby league resulting in fast play. Fast play that a lot of teams simply cannot live with.
He was telling me that having played rugby league with one of the northern clubs, Leigh in Lancashire, the reason that he chose union as a player was because at the time there was a certain level of brutality within rugby league that rugby union did not seem to have.
Having watched a lot of rugby league over the summer I would tend to agree that rugby league does display a lot more physicality however it’s not a close call for me as to which type of match I would choose to sit and watch. Having bits being thoroughly spoiled by watching a game that has complete speed of foreplay as opposed to a game with so much time is spent on the ground, it’s a hard one to call and I wouldn’t like to make that choice.

The fantastic results of the game against Toulouse on Sunday reflects the true quality and class of this Broncos team.To hit half-time with a 26-4 lead over Toulouse must have been an incredible confidence boost for the guys and if I cast my mind back to my last last article the team seem to have taken my advice, not that I would claim to have given any advice that made such a huge difference, but they certainly did seem to open this game with the same style of play that they finished their previous game with.

With Toulouse struggling to keep up with a blistering display from the Broncos and the game ending up as a 34-8 whitewash this has got to be an enormous confidence boost going forward into the next game with two points in the bag.

Keeping the momentum going for the clash against Hull Kingston Rovers this Saturday is the prize to aim for and using the lessons undoubtedly learned in Sunday‘s game against Toulouse to make sure that they hit the ground running from the very outset.
Can’t wait to see the best from the boys and then back home the following week for a giant face off against Salford.

I am finding the overlap at this end of the season interesting as I switch between codes constantly to catch up on various teams playing. I have to say that I am totally spoilt for choice now being a convert to rugby league.

I’m wondering if I should even start watching some Gaelic football, maybe now is the time on this journey of mine, to broaden my sporting horizons even more, as a fellow sporting fan pointed out to me there are similarities between all three of these sports, except that the Gaelic footballers come at you with a stick.

Anyone out there in Twitter land wanting to give me some pointers or information regarding Gaelic football would be very welcome in the meantime a massive good luck goes out to the London Broncos.

Keep up the good work, keep the pressure on and keep pumping!

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