21 Sep 18
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A wintery feel on the sidelines!

As a new convert to rugby league it’s got to be said that one of the best things I found about it is the weather, especially this summer, standing on the sidelines observing a rugby game with a warming sun on your back has got a lot to be said for it, Truly lovely.

As we slip quietly towards the end of September the air has certainly got much more of a nip in it drawing my thoughts towards thermal underwear and waterproof boots for my Sunday morning entertainment watching Henry playing for Derby.
Up until recently rugby never really entered our thoughts as a family until this cold time of year and along with field sports and country pursuits was just something that we always did in the rain, wind and freezing cold, I’m just wondering whether it’s nicer to have a rock hard pitch because of the baking sun or a rock hard pitch because the ground is stone cold frozen? The jury is still out on that one. Mind you if anybody out there in Twitter land has a preference please let me know.

Actually as child rugby always made me feel Christmassy for some reason I can’t really explain it other than the fact that Christmas is winter and rugby always seem to be winter to me.

Talking about Christmas I hate to mention it here but did you know that there is only 90 odd days left to shop for Christmas to get brilliant gifts for the family, any broncos fans that can prove they are a true broncos fan can get a 50% discount on my range of personalised books at mikemolloy.me.uk if they tweet me first to get a voucher code.

In our case it has got to be some new rugby boots for Sundays and a London Broncos shirt that I have been promising Henry for a couple of months since we came to watch the guys playing at Trailfinders on the day that Eloi Pellisier played his first game as a broncos team member.
What a truly nice guy and accomplished player he is, having watched his interview earlier on all I can say is will be a real asset to London Broncos going forward.
I think one thing that the London Broncos and rugby league as a whole does seem to do very well is communicate with its fans and keep them up-to-date with great use of social media it’s so nice when the club takes the time to allow fans to see more of the players, I know in particular that youngsters really like to hear from their heroes as well as watch them play.

There seems to have been some slight confusion this week over the game against the Salford Red Devil’s. Sometimes these changes can’t be helped however I suppose it must be noted that an awful lot of fans will have already planned their travel and probably paid for it as well, understandably some of the tweets that I have seen have been less than complimentary about the powers that be, sometimes things just can’t be helped. Let’s hope that this weekend‘s game is incredibly memorable with some wonderful rugby played by both sides, of course the outcome that we want is a win for the London Broncos, to make up for any inconvenience.

Let’s hope to see a fantastic game to make up for the disappointment of the fixture changes and on that note I would like to wish the Broncos a great and successful game against @salforddevils

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