06 Oct 18
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London Powerhouse rising to the challenge ! #millionpoundgame

It’s a truly life changing opportunity for the London Broncos this weekend and my sincerest and heartfelt wishes of good luck are with them.
Following some fantastic games this season and some well deserved wins, through total hard work and focus the London broncos are on course for more positive results
The results from the last couple of weekends made even more special because of the standard of the super league teams to have fallen to the broncos , no mean feat !
Anyone who doubted the exquisite possibilities that lie ahead, tantalisingly close must banish all thoughts apart from utmost positivity when thinking about the next game just in case our thoughts emit rays that can affect the outcome, or so my son told me in the car on the way to school on Friday morning.

“It’s true dad” he said with a completely earnest expression on his face “if you think only about stuff in a positive way then you can make a difference to an outcome” pretty deep for a 9 year old I thought.

“Do you mean a bit like praying? I asked him “ no dad, more like sending out thought wishes” sounds pretty fantastic to me so I thought I would just leave it at that for now, suffice to say that all Broncos fans should be sending out our most fervent “thought wishes” to the team for their game against the massive Toronto Wolfpack.

Let’s see if the power positive thinking by all Broncos fans at the same time tomorrow night has an effect on the outcome, worth a try because there is a lot riding on it.

Must mention the astounding win [email protected]_RLFC hard work in parts but the boys seriously stuck with the game to come out with the right result.
Halifax are certainly a side that simply could not be underestimated, with a fantastic pedigree in our sport and a brilliant team to back up that pedigree.
Doing a bit of pre match research I found out that Halifax Rugby league team was formed in 1873 !
That’s a massive span of time in rugby to build up all the right experience I would have said !
However this London Broncos side is proving a real handful and promotion beckons if only the speed strength and determination to win, through hard work and doing the basics well and consistently continues through to the game tomorrow, let’s all continue with the thought wishes right through to the end of the game tomorrow, because games should be played and fought for right to the very last second !

In wrapping up this blog I must just mention the magnificent and well deserved win by Danny Ward, coach of the year 2018, winner by a mile by all accounts.

Good luck tomorrow guys mine and Henry’s and I’m sure all broncos fans, thought wishes are with you !

Keep doing the basics and it should all work out !

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