12 Oct 18
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The Friday Blog

WOW ! What a game, what a season, Super League here we come!

What an incredible achievement it was for the London Broncos on Sunday, a tense and well played match that turned out to be historical for them and thank heaven for that offside decision at the beginning of the game, thank heaven for the massive defending effort put up by the lads in stopping the Toronto Wolfpack in their very capable tracks on so many occasions !

Was anyone else watching with heart in mouth and palpitations equal to that brought on by a double espresso with an extra shot ? I was and at one point I just couldn’t look at the screen.

They are so many factors which are instrumental in the outcome of any match, tiny little actions that simply cannot be planned for, that just happen in the course of a game, these tiny little happenings, like a small pebble cast into the middle of an enormous lake may set up a ripple effect that can end just about anywhere.

Fantastically for us, our guys seemed to ride on the crest of these ripples, a little knock on from from a Toronto player here, a high tackle from another there, deserving of a little time incarcerated in the sin bin and before you know it they have all added up to a balance tipping point where Lady Luck decided to put in her own tupennys’worth and brandish at the world an old saying attributed to her and bosh !
“Third time lucky” the Wolfpack were defeated by a hairs breadth and our boys won the day !

Some heroes of that match must have a mention at this point, although the entire team have been instrumental, each having played their part in the climb to super league during the monumental effort that this season has been for the London Broncos, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t pick out Jarrod Sammut and thank him for the points ( imagine if he’d missed ) Eloi Pelissier, merci Eloi tu étais fantastique !
What about the million pound tackler, Alex Walker playing on despite mangled fingers !
Finally my son Henry, who promptly announced at the end of the match that it was all down to his “thought wishes” I didn’t argue with him, who knows maybe it was ?
A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Danny Ward, coach extraordinaire, for the huge part he has played in bringing the Broncos in from the cold.
Looking back, personally I owe a big thank you to Neil Reynolds for asking me to write the Friday blog about rugby league early on in the season and setting me on a path that has brought me such huge satisfaction and pleasure, at this point it seems incredible to me that I have only been following rugby league and in particular the London Broncos for one season, it has been an incredibly exciting rollercoaster, learning experience for me, truly welcomed I must ad, A real privilege to be introduced
properly to this wonderful sport and fantastic team just at the point of re-entering super league, surely there can never be a better time to be introduced to a new sport and new team than when they are riding a winning wave so strongly that nothing seems to be able to stand in their way !

In closing this week I just need to ask, what are we going to talk about for the next few months ?

Tweet me @MikeMolloy08 with your suggestions, this is your chance to get your topic aired ( or not ) or don’t tweet me and I’ll just keep burbling on as I do, I might even start talking a bit of boxing if you fancy that as I just got a brief to write a weekly column for the British boxing news and it’s exciting times in boxing right now.

Have a great weekend all of you Bronco beauties and I’ll see you all here next week.

Yours in sport

Mike Molloy

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