19 Oct 18
By Broncos Media
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Super league beckons,  the planning and hard work starts now.

When I opened my curtains this morning and looked out over the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, the sun was just coming up, it was an incredible sight as the clouds were a deep orange and the dazzlingly bright golden sun behind them was forcing bright shafts of light at all angles, piercing them through, it was a stunning display of beauty which hit my senses and immediately made me want to write something, poetry you might think having witnessed such an incredibly moving display.

Nope, Rugby and more specifically the London Broncos boys and their ascension to super league following a fantastic season of great games, highs and lows , mostly highs of course, culminating in the last dramatic heart stopping game in Toronto.

Honestly I’m still in disbelief that it actually came down to such a hairs breadth finish, that sort of thing is what legends are made of.

The uplift to super league will have many positive effects on everyone involved with the club, some obvious and some not, everyone from the players, managers, admin and importantly the fans, I predict that the good things that will come from being a super league team and supporting a super league team won’t be fully revealed for weeks and weeks.

Everyone standing a little taller, positivity breeds more positivity and can become a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy.

Let us allow the feeling to wash over us all and carry us together into next season riding on the crest of this success, creating an unstoppable force of rugby Dynamism.

Surprisingly the price of tickets have only risen by 20% to reflect our new found status of super league team and some great news is that season ticket holders can renew theirs at the 2018 price until November the first, that’s a great deal so grab it while you can as there is only a few days left at the time of me writing this.

In all the excitement of the past couple of weeks I had failed to pay full attention to the news article from mid September that the London Broncos had won an award for the community project of the year and that this was in fact the second time in three years that they had picked up the award, that bit of news is just incredible really because when you take a minute to think about all the community projects that there must be in such an enormous place as London, to win it once would be amazing, but to win it two times out of three is unbelievable, my interest is piqued and I am going to find out more about the amazing work that they do and write more on the subject over the coming weeks and months.

Think about this Bronco fans, we have fought and won our way into super league thank to some fantastic players, we have an award winning  coach in the form of Danny Ward, head coach of the year and our community work team under the guidance of John Keyes has won the community project award two years out of three.

That’s a lot to be proud of, a lot to live up to and aspire to for next season and a fantastic rugby league family to be a part of.

Personally I feel lucky to be involved even in such a small way as scribbling a few words once a week.

Rugby is a huge part of my life and being part of such a great team right at this moment is wonderful and makes me look forward to friday morning like never before.

Yours in sport


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