25 May 18
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Our resident wordsmith, Mike Molloy, continues his journey of learning about the Broncos.

Becoming a London Broncos fan.

During the past few days, as promised in last weeks article, I have taken steps to increase my knowledge and understanding of rugby league and actually London rugby league more specifically.

As a lifelong rugby union fan I haven’t really paid that much attention to league and only followed union because that’s what everyone in my house did as I was growing up I suppose, which is a bit strange now that I come to have reason to think about it, mind you I suppose there will be households and families that are the same with league or indeed any sport that they are into.

I was helpfully steered by a very knowledgeable Broncos fan towards buying a copy of a very excellent read called Touch and Go, a history of professional rugby league in London, which I must say is a good read if you’re after facts and history and I am enjoying the few minutes I have spare each evening to widen and deepen my understanding and knowledge base.

One thing that does seem to be a recurring issue is the north-south rugby league divide, which isn’t something I have managed to quite get my head around just yet, as somewhere the size of London with its enormous population surely has always had enough people to have taken rugby league to its heart just as much as the northern league clubs in Yorkshire, Lancashire, and further north.

Maybe it will become clearer to me as time goes on.

In the meantime seeing the fantastic result of last Sunday’s game between the London Broncos and the Sheffield Eagles, it’s true to say that not only was I delighted with the result but I was thoroughly entertained by what bit of the game I could watch in bits and bobs on YouTube, some of the tries were brilliant to watch, so much so in fact, that the argument a certain rugby union fan of my acquaintance put to me the previous week, that league players don’t play a good tactical and strategy game and that’s its all about trying to run through the defence was made to look a bit daft !

I enjoyed watching some great play, from both sides it has to be said, with quick ball and good tactical thinking by the players, all in all, a very entertaining game to watch and easily as watchable as a rugby union game.

I did get a few tweets and messages from London Broncos fans, which was much appreciated and welcome, but I must say that to truly get into the spirit of the game I need more from you guys please, right now most of the traffic coming my way is from rugby union fans telling why rugby league simply can’t be as good as their game, although when I ask why that might be they don’t have a clear and factual answer, so I’m guessing they might be wrong.

One thing I definitely need help with is where I can watch the games, 2 and 3 minute clips of play on YouTube really are not doing it for me, I don’t just want to see a try I want to see what went into creating the chance that ended in the try, where can I see it ?

In parting, I wonder if anyone else remembers like I do that Rugby league was always on the television on a Saturday around and about the same time as the wrestling and as my mum liked to watch Big Daddy floor the enormous Giant Haystacks we ended up never watching rugby league which I think Dickie Davis presented, is my memory right or not ? Not sure perhaps some of you guys out there in twitter land can tell me.


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