30 Nov 18
By Broncos Media
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The end and a very exciting beginning!

Well Broncos fans what a tremendously exciting year it’s been and what a fantastic story to boot ( pardon the pun) I came into rugby league without too much of an idea of what rugby league is all about other than it’s another form of rugby that we in rugby union seemed to look down on a bit, luckily for me the information that I’ve picked up about rugby league over the last few months of writing for the London Broncos, which has been such a privilege, has meant that not only have I become a convert to rugby league and everything that comes with it but I have opened my horizons so much that I can now enjoy my favourite sport year-round with the seasons falling as they do.

My article today is really to bid you all goodbye for this season and sign off until all of the excitement begins again next season, to be truthful Christmas and the run-up to it is an incredibly busy time of year for me being a children’s author I don’t have that much time available for anything else other than visiting schools, Christmas fêtes and children’s literary events up and down the country, I have to admit not writing my Friday blog for the next few weeks it’s going to be something that I will miss a lot.

I feel so incredibly privileged and lucky to have been able to write for you and about the London Broncos at this point in their existence, what a fantastic chance to have been writing for them on the run-up to the Million Pound Game which meant that not only was I and observer as the game was won but had by then become a true fan of a brilliant team.
The fact that rugby league has had such a turbulent history in London and that the London Broncos have stuck at it and stuck at it for all this time it’s something for which I have huge admiration and I know that there are others that feel the same.

All that is left for me to say right now is I wish all of the team, management, coaching staff and above all the fantastic fan base a wonderful and restful Christmas period after which lets hope we all return to the game refreshed and strong ready for a fantastic season of super league games.

Yours in sport

Mike Molloy

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