01 Jun 18
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The Friday Blog

Mike Molloy has been taking us on his journey into Rugby League. See what he has been thinking this week in The Friday Blog.

In the beginning

This week has been quite a busy one for me and my eye hasn’t been entirely focused on my rugby league learning journey, as it has been my 30th wedding anniversary celebrations, they will continue up to next Tuesday. Come Wednesday I will be back at my desk trying to catch up on some articles I have deadlines for, following this week’s well-earned break in Devon with my lovely and long-suffering wife, incredibly just us and none of our six children in sight, that hasn’t happened for years and years!

However just in case, I did get a few minutes to dedicate to my new favourite sport, I have brought my trusty iPad along for jotting down thoughts and the very excellent book all about rugby league that I bought on a Broncos fans advice.

It seems to me that although rugby league is an exciting sport to watch and is to all intent and purpose so similar to union, there has existed a kind of attitude towards league that has created this odd feeling of it being the poorer relative, even though rugby league is a professional sport, which seems really strange to me now that I’m looking at it objectively.

Rugby league also seems to have suffered over the years by a complete lack of large-scale and organised funding, relying rather on individuals who were enthusiasts or simply looking for another sport to fill up their sports ground with.

To compound the problem of London clubs, league seems to have never really managed to catch up with the northern clubs for such a long time, although I must add at this point that this isn’t quite the case now if the recent wins by the London Broncos over the Sheffield Eagles are anything to go by.

As with all sports and interests the real key to long-term success lies with the young, where rugby union wins hands down at the moment is the amount of youngster’s teams that exist, starting with the tiniest of children, even as young as three and four in some cases, my own son having started at four years old and now getting ready to play in under 10’s next season with our local rugby union team at Derby.

I for one very rarely have time to watch Derby’s first team play, but every Sunday I get my fix of rugby through my son and his team’s efforts, never disappointing and sometimes more exciting than the adult game!

Rugby league probably needs more youngsters and certainly more financing and the other thing is why on Earth am I struggling to watch games? Can anyone tell me where I can see games without actually going to the grounds?

Looking forward to this week’s tweets with your replies, advice and no doubt helpful observations.

I’m off for a stroll on Beer Beach with my much better half now so I’ll do a bit more reading up over a glass of wine tonight in readiness for next weeks article.

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