08 Jun 18
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The Friday Blog

It’s Friday again and even though the squad is currently in Toronto some five hours behind what we call “normal” Mike Molloy gives us his weekly musings on Rugby League and his journey into the sport.

It has been a dizzying week for me catching up with a few games over from the weekend after returning from my trip to Devon and now having to put a few hours in at the keyboard to lessen my burgeoning workload to free some time for the next games.

Before I do go off into the world of journeying in words regarding rugby, either union or league, I need to Wish all the guys a brilliant and safe trip and a great game in Toronto with the Hosting Toronto Wolfpack, I have been reading some of the tweets from fans over there and they seem to be such a great bunch of people, kind of wishing I was going as well, I could do with the camaraderie and positive energy that rugby people always give off.

Talking about the Toronto Wolfpack I was just reading their introduction on their twitter and it says “The world is a better place with more rugby balls in kids hands” you know what, that is much more a true statement than I think they probably realise because as you all know we have the football coming up in a few days and even though football hasn’t ever really been my game, my son loves it and is an avid Burton Albion, @burtonalbionfc fan, in fact, he is an all round lover of sports of just about any description and as he’s also a member of the royal ballet he is seriously fit and strong for an almost 9 years old boy and excels at most sports, anyway I digress, he was talking to a school friend about football just yesterday and the main topic of conversation was about how the fans were going to behave, or not behave, I found this so sad as these are just two small boys getting ready to watch their heroes and it’s overshadowed by fan behaviour, of whichever side.

Henry who has, even at his tender age, experienced many many rugby games all over the country and against all sides including games in the last rugby World Cup never once in any of them witnessed any bad behaviour from fans ever, turned to his school friend and said
“I don’t know why they don’t just play rugby instead that way there wouldn’t be any trouble and everybody would have a good time”
A clear truth straight from a baby’s mouth and that brings us right back to the Wolfpack’s twitter statement and it’s own truth.

Now the trick is to create the same principles for little lads and lasses who take up football as are the norm for the children involved in rugby and I think we would solve bad behaviour in football in a decade.
Can anyone tell me why we can’t ?

Anyway, that’s enough of that, good luck Broncos! Have a great game and enjoy Toronto!

I also have to mention the brilliant Touch and Go book I’m still ploughing through, charting the history of rugby league in London and say that it is quite simply an unbelievable stock of factual history that the guys who wrote it deserve a medal for knowing all this stuff, in fact once I’ve got my head around a bit more of it I might start a weekly London rugby league quiz as part of my article to see if anyone else knows all this stuff.

Looking forward to your comments!

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