15 Jun 18
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The Friday Blog

Its Friday so that means another installment from resident writer, Mike Molloy.

What a week it’s been!

The first mention has got to be the Broncos v Wolfpack game, great game and having the players and fans behave how they do in this great sport of ours ( union or league) makes it stand out good for all of us and inspirational for all the little rubbers out there thinking of taking part, a special mention has to go to Jarrod Sammut who made a young lads day and welcomed him to the sport in such a brilliant way.
It put me in mind of the time I watched Sonny Bill Williams give his World Cup medal to a young 14-year-old lad in the crowd who had been tackled by a security guy after trying to get to his hero, it is just this kind of selfless act that marks out rugby as just that bit special.

Ok so apart from the obvious differences in league and union, so far I am struggling to find reasons to prefer one over the other and although as a union fan I could find myself, in the past joining in a conversation which could be dismissive of rugby league, learning about it as I have for the past few weeks I realise that this way of thinking has no basis and in fact flies in the face of the spirit of both codes, perfect examples of this are plain to see in my words above, two players from two codes but with one outlook and attitude. Kind of sums up rugby as a whole to my mind.
I wonder if the young William Webb Ellis would approve of the two codes today when, as a young lad himself, he picked up that football and ran for the goal inventing our great game at that moment, I’m not sure what he would make of it and sometimes all the fuss, but I’m pretty sure he would be proud to have been the originator of a sport that produces people that act and think like Jarrod Sammut did last week and Sonny Bill Williams did in the World Cup.
As a final thought I wonder if we should consider this, at my sons weekly training sessions at Derby Rugby club a rule was introduced to the boys ( under 9’s) to make the ball and game flow better, after 5 tackles the ball has to be surrendered to the opposition resulting in a faster game which is better to watch and certainly seems better to play.

Good luck with the next game Broncos and thank you for entertaining us.

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