29 Jun 18
By Media Team
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Each week our resident writer, Mike Molloy, takes us on his journey into Rugby League. Being from a Union background it would seem Mike is slowly coming around to the code we all love.

If you like old-fashioned sayings then last weekend could have been the perfect time to use the old saying “like a pig in the proverbial poo”
This was the perfect description for me over the weekend and thank god for the technology that allows us all to enjoy our favourite sports without being slaves to time.

What a delight it was to be able to witness a veritable feast of my favourite sporting entertainment, with Eddie Jone’s team ( rugby union #rfu) making a huge impression in Cape Town, trouncing the Springboks in a hugely memorable game, a remarkable feat that, as far as I know, has never happened to the Springboks before on their home turf and then what was for me the main event of the weekend, Sam Burgess (rugby league #rfl) leading England to a spectacular victory over the New Zealand Kiwis in what was a very successful international rugby league promotional game staged over in Denver.

The game itself was a fantastic display of the sheer physicality that is a rugby league game.
It was a real spectacle that was enjoyed by a large and very enthusiastic crowd.

England had a slightly steady start but once they got into their stride they opened up the game with some truly fantastic play resulting in some brilliant tries, including one of the classiest I’ve seen from Ryan Hall, who for such a big guy displayed some of the most incredible athleticism to secure his try!

We even managed to do ourselves proud in the cricket.

The London Broncos #WeAreLondon played a blinder and secured a resounding and very convincing victory over the Swinton Lions who proved themselves to be no pushover but still had to bow out with a thundering 58-22 loss.

Congratulations to the Broncos for a game well played and a brilliant result the trick will be to keep up the intensity and discipline for the next couple of games.

Being as I started this off with an old saying, I might just squeeze another in here as well, how about “practice makes perfect” perfecting my understanding and knowledge of rugby league is proving to be a great journey and one of the most enjoyable subjects I have been asked to write about for a long time, believe me I do get asked to write about some boring stuff sometimes, I have realised that actually to really get to know it I need to watch more games “practice makes perfect you see” with that in mind I can’t wait to come and watch the Broncos when they play Halifax and in fact any other league games I can squeeze in.

I note that there are a couple of games before the Halifax game, with the Broncos coming up against Batley and then Toulouse ( I think the Broncos might need a team interpreter and being as I was born and brought up in France and speak French fluently maybe I should come along just to be on the safe side when it comes to communication)

I am signing off this week by wishing the team good luck against Batley Bulldogs on Sunday, a team, I am told, that shouldn’t be underestimated!

The more I watch the more I love the spectacle that is rugby league.

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