13 Jul 18
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Rugby, the best antidote to football despair!

Being a lover of rugby usually means being an all-round sportsman or woman and follower of all national sports, so by default then a football fan.

Not necessarily avidly following a club particularly but being truly involved in any of our national team’s efforts to secure glory for the country in sport generally.

Having sat in my local in Derbyshire on Wednesday night and watched grown men and women cry at the result of the game my heart went out to them, as I watched a very able Croatian team creep into the game more and more in the second half and people all around me berating the referee for allowing the Croatian players to get away with a bit of rough and tumble, I was so grateful that my true love is rugby and my team of choice is the All Blacks national rugby union team, when I’m not rooting for the London Broncos that is, because the poor old football fans must get so fed up with being on the losing side all the time, of course with any sport it’s the taking part in it that’s the most important, but being able to win sometimes is just so great !

Always hard to bear a loss in any national sport but with football it is invariably followed by all the nonsense about the opposing side being too rough and playing dirty and it all being someone else’s fault or the ref is blind and all that rubbish, the worst thing about it is all the nonsense after the game where fans smash up their own towns and people’s private property, this time they did it whether they won or lost, which just is unheard of in rugby, either union or league!

It’s just so weird, can anyone explain it to me because I just don’t get it!

Luckily the London Broncos continued playing hard, fast and skilfully last weekend which resulted in them continuing their undefeated run for the last 4 games and although Toulouse proved to be once again a big obstacle for the London Broncos, determination and great play allowed them to come away with a very respectable point and no defeat at the hands of the French team.

I hope that the London Broncos current form continues this weekend and the game against Halifax proves to be just as fantastic as the past few games have been as I will be there cheering them on with my son, who will be experiencing a live rugby league game for the first time and is beside himself with excitement !

If you see me there make sure you say hello as this is all part of my rugby league educational journey and the friendliness of league fans is an area that needs reporting on as well as the brilliant game, its players and teams.

See you all on Sunday

Mike Molloy

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