20 Jul 18
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It’s a massive weekend for The London Broncos!

After having been treated to such a fantastic Festival of rugby that was the game last weekend against Halifax and having been spoilt rotten by having had brilliant entertainment in the hospitality area, thanks for the pie, peas and mash, it was lovely. Henry my 8-year-old son had a wonderful time.

As an avid fan of rugby but up until now only having witnessed union games, his comment was “aren’t they fast” and “didn’t the team play brilliant”
His observations were quite right, the one recurring thing that I find about rugby league is the constant punishing pace of the game and when it is played in the searing temperatures that we saw on Sunday it must be incredibly demanding to keep up that level of physicality for the duration of the game, unlike union where we are usually freezing our bits off and trying to keep warm by putting on every single item of clothing we own.
Henry’s only regret was that by the end of the match the shop had closed and so he was unable to get himself a Broncos shirt to wear with pride and then by the time we got back around the front of the stadium the team had gone in so he didn’t get to meet any of them, ah well maybe next time.

Incidentally last week in my post I mentioned that fans are a huge part of rugby union and wondered if this was also true of rugby league, I also wondered if the same friendly and gentlemanly behaviour was present amongst league fans as is amongst union fans, I wasn’t disappointed, I had asked that any fans who saw me came up and gave me a quick hello, it started at the services where I pulled over to have a spot of breakfast at the same time as a couple of coach loads of Halifax fans, first one looked over and gave me an almost imperceptible nod of the head and this was rapidly followed by virtually everyone that passed by giving me a smile and a warm Halifaxonian greeting, which could only mean one thing, at least one Halifax fan had read my article and on spotting me at the services got the rest of them to join in the hellos.

Halifax went on to play a massive game and were so close to bringing the Broncos winning run to an end it wasn’t funny, hats off to Halifax and their fans for a fantastic and sporting game.

The London Broncos fans were no less friendly and on the whole me and Henry had a fantastic day out for which we are truly grateful to the Broncos and their Media Manager, Neil Reynolds, especially who made us feel very welcome.

I can’t finish summing up last weekends game without mentioning the Broncos newest member and wishing a Bienvenue a Eloi Pelissier to the London Broncos. Eloi, along with his new teammates played a great game on Sunday but for me the most memorable site was him carrying around the cutest baby at the end of the match, showing a gentleness that I’m glad he doesn’t keep up on the pitch. Eloi, that level of cuteness deserves to be in a book so if you go to my website rubysbooks.com you can choose a collection of my books and I will personalise each one especially for your little one, that offer goes for all the guys in the team with little ones, as a thank you for inviting me and my son to such a brilliant game.

It’s a massive weekend coming up for the London Broncos and promises to be a very exciting game against the Featherstone Rovers which will be covered live @LiveSporstFM livesportsfm.co.uk for all us poor unfortunates who can’t get to see it in the flesh.
Today is the official start of the summer holidays in our house and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the children out there a fantastic, safe and exciting summer holiday.

Good luck to the Broncos on Sunday!

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