18 May 18
By Media Team
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The Friday Blog

Each Friday we will be putting out a new blog post from our resident writer Mike Molloy. This week, as a new recruit to Rugby League, he writes about the start of his journey with London Broncos.


Loving the London Broncos

Having been asked to write something regularly about the London Broncos I thought I would start with a bit of research and history into rugby league and particularly the London Broncos, because there will always be someone who knows best and will take great pleasure in knocking me down.

Please try your best to resist and instead seek to educate this poor union fan on the ways of league and I promise to give the league a very fair airing while on my learning journey.

As a lifelong fan of the sport of rugby but specifically rugby union I’ve never really dipped my toe in the rugby league waters, but now I’m having to research the subject in order to write about it,
I’ve discovered some pretty fantastic stuff, that I have to say on balance would most definitely get me tuning in to league games, if only to watch the speed and movement of the game, much more of a passing and handling game, I have found that provided I can pick a side to be on, for the moment, until I get used to it and pick a favourite team to watch, which I’m pretty sure is going to be the London Broncos, I can get just as vocal and jumping out of my seat excited by watching a league game as I do when watching union.

Now turning to the London Broncos specifically and looking at the history that might be pulling me in as a new fan, convert and follower, I find that I am not disappointed with plenty to get my teeth into from a historical point of view.

Originally formed all the way back in 1981 and known in previous incarnations as the London Crusaders and Harlequins Rugby league, the London Broncos have come a long way and the fact is on looking at this team and what it’s doing right now, both within its own sport and the wider community it seems to me to be a great starting place on my league learning journey. The London Broncos are a building and growing team with the vision and aspiration to do so much in the future and I am looking forward to following that journey wherever it may lead.

Sometimes the struggle to move forward is what makes us all stronger and more resilient, so in the case of the London Broncos, who are up against some of the powerhouse northern clubs it can be said that the struggle is a big one with everything to play for and many more wins to come.
For my part, the excitement of my new adopted favourite sport and club and the road I have to travel to really immerse myself in it is both welcome and a breath of fresh air !

Until next time when I am sure I will be more rugby league educated and undoubtedly even more enthusiastic about the London Broncos.

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Mike Molloy, is an experienced freelance professional writer & author
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