04 May 19
By Media Team
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The Interview – Eloi Pelissier

Spending six years at your hometown club is the dream of so many young people entering into the world of sport. Eloi Pelissier lived that dream and his journey has continued here in the capital. We caught up with the indefatigable Frenchman.
Last time we spoke you had just arrived here at the club how are things now?
I am really enjoying my time here in London especially because everything has gone so well since I joined the club. We are in Super League now and that was always going to be harder but it is what we worked for at the end of last season. We have three wins under our belt and have shown some really good things. The rugby side has been great as I have fun out there and I enjoy the way we play. We are a good attacking side and that is what I enjoy. Being able to play with these guys is great every time we go onto the pitch.

How is London treating you?
Very well to be honest. I love my life here in London as it’s a city where you can never be bored. I have managed to visit so many parks, museums and restaurants. I have had a lot of friends and family come to visit as London is so attractive to them so I am never alone here. I love it from both sides of life both on and off the pitch here at the Broncos.

How is life here without your partner and your son?
It is very hard to be truthful. I will see how things are in a few months but it is hard without them. Its hardest seeing my son as he does not understand why Daddy is not at home. It’s obviously slightly easier for my partner and I as adults we made the decision and are able to deal with it. We know it’s hard for each other but I hope everything will be good on the rugby side here and maybe she will come and live here with me if things go the way I hope they do.

Catalans Dragons came to London recently. They have played a big part in your career.
Absolutely. I spent six years at Catalans Dragons so I know a lot about this team. There are a few players still there that I played with. When you spend a large part of your career at a club it can be a bit weird to play against them. They are a very strong side and I enjoyed playing against them.

Catalans play Wigan at the Nou Camp this year. You think this is a positive for our sport?
For sure. Catalans have always tried to promote rugby league throughout the South of France by playing games at different stadiums and in other ways too. I think it is always good when a club can promote in different ways. Even the fans can help by just wearing their jerseys when they go to different places. They have played in places like Toulouse and Montpelier and to create this opportunity to play in Barcelona is something very special and I hope that it is a success.

So what next for Eloi Pelissier in the immediate future?
It was disappointing not to progress in the Challenge Cup against Halifax a few weeks ago but now we have only one thing to focus on and that is to be in Super League in 2020. We have 20 games to focus on and keep London where they belong. We have spoken a lot about not just staying up but chasing a position higher in the league than just 11th. The goal is to keep being a team, for me to play my best and for all of us in the squad to keep giving our all to this great London Broncos club and make sure that Super League Rugby is still in the best city in the world.