13 Feb 19
By Media Team

The Interview – Jordan Abdull

When Jordan Abdull signed for London in the off season little did he know how many things would change in his life in a very short space of time. We caught up with the former Hull FC man.

It’s been three or four months now since you moved to the Capital how are you finding it?
I’m really enjoying life down here to be fair. My family have moved down here too now so we are a unit again which is nice. I am loving being here and obviously excited that the season has started as well as having the opportunity to show my new son around London too.

You say your new son and Congratulations on behalf of all of us here at the club. Tell us a little bit about the addition to the family.
I don’t actually do that much to be honest as my partner does everything for him. It’s a brand new chapter in my life now and I can’t explain the love I have for him already and even though we haven’t said a word to each other I know everything about him. It’s really exciting for me now and hopefully I can give him the best life that he could wish for.

Can you tell us about when he was born?
It was Christmas Day!! So when everyone was tucking into their big lunches I was at the hospital searching for a sandwich from the vending machines! So yes, he was a Christmas Day baby which was something we hadn’t expected and as he was nine days early it kind of threw a spanner in the works. I wouldn’t change for anything though as Christmas was always a special day for me and my family and now it just became even more special.

You said your family are here now so partner Amy has moved down with you. Are you helping with the little one?
I’m doing the best I can to be honest. We have made an agreement so that when I have a day off I will try and take over as much as I can and obviously when I am training she does it all herself so the least I can do is try and do as much as possible when I can. Luckily she is very stubborn and likes to do it all herself no only joking!! Amy is a great Mum already and she is fantastic where the baby is concerned.

Is your son to be raised as a Northerner or a true Londoner now that you are here?
(Laughs) That depends on how long I’m here!! If I stay here another couple of years then yes he probably will be a Londoner. Maybe he will develop some of that southern twang to take back north which would be quite cool. I will say that I want him to be able to come to a game and be proud of me and what I do. I just want him to learn manners and morals from the sport that we play along with the togetherness and teamwork that London can teach him too.

Have the Grandparents had a chance to get involved yet?
Amy’s side of the family have been down a few days after he was born to help unpack and sort stuff out which was great. My Mum is actually came down for the first game which was lovely as I hadn’t seen her since Boxing Day. She stayed for a week so I was excited for her to be able to spend some time with us. She was so looking forward to seeing her grandson and against Wakefield she saw her son play in Super League with her grandson in her arms. Not a bad Sunday for her at all.

Sunday against Wakefield was the first time you have played in the Super League for anyone other than Hull FC. How did you feel?
This is a new challenge for me and that’s why I signed. I want to be the first name on the team sheet every week and show the fans exactly what I can do. It was fantastic to face Wakefield and be a part of something special here in the Capital. The team spirit and togetherness that this group of lads has is unbelievable and I have never felt this close to my team mates before. I really hope we can upset some more people this year and keep the smiles from the 2018 season going.