14 Apr 19
By Media Team
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The Interview – Kieran Dixon

When Hull KR came calling this London boy had to follow a dream and leave his roots behind him. Now he is back at his boyhood club and things could not be better. We spoke to Kieran to find out more.

Is it good to be back in the Super League?
Yes. It’s obviously what we had all being working towards for the past few years here. We have shocked a few with the wins we have had in the league already and I think we were unlucky not win against Hull FC last week but we start again and enjoy the visit, today, of a good Huddersfield Giants side. We have had a good solid week in training and let’s see what we can do today.

The first time you played in Super League for the club you were probably a very different person? Would you agree?
Yes, definitely. I was a teenager then. I was 18 years old when I nearly debuted at the end of 2011. 2012 came round and that’s when it all took off for me here. I made my debut at 19 and that was an incredible feeling but I have to say that, hopefully, I have grown up a lot since then both as a player and a person.

Has London changed a lot since then?
Yes, absolutely. We have moved around quite a lot since then and played in many different places. It’s good now to have a solid base and are at somewhere we can see ourselves staying in for a while yet. The way to build a fan base is to be secure and stable on and off the field and being here is certainly attracting more people to the ground and bringing back many fans that haven’t been to games in the recent past. We do have our die-hard fans and that is amazing for us as a group to know that they are always there shouting us on.

So many things have changed for you since leaving Hull KR. You are back in Hemel Hempstead and you are a Dad. Can they change any more for you outside the game?
Anything can happen to be honest. But thinking about it I can’t see anything drastic happening anytime soon which I am happy about, touch wood! It is great to be back down south and closer to my family. Being up north was difficult at a relatively young age. I was too far away from my little girl but now see her all the time and have seen her every week since I moved back. She is my inspiration and when people say having a child changes your entire life they are completely right.

You made some great friends here at the club but your best friend is now no longer here. How is it at Broncos now, for you, without Michael Channing around?

It’s was a friendship that came out of Academy training with a guy who knew nothing of Rugby League to start with and we clicked from there. We both got called up to first team training around the same time as each other and I would find it hard to make the journey. Channers offered to bring me in and the friendship kind of went on from there. I stayed with him very often so I could get to training on time. The first time he left I was really happy for him as a move to Castleford Tigers was a huge step for him. When he came back I was over the moon and it was great to be able to see him every day and get to pull on the same jersey as him again. It is weird not having him here and I miss that but he has moved on and will be successful whatever he does.

With the system the Broncos has had you must be bumping into friends at almost every turn now in Super League?
Yes, it’s very true. There are former players all throughout the league and it is always good to see them and play against them. You try a bit more, try and get one up on them which is good. Always good to see people like Dan Sarginson again. We knew each other before Broncos as we went to the same school lived maybe a few streets away from each other growing up. I knew him and his brothers so seeing him is always nice. I always knew he would be a great player and am delighted for him that his career has been as good as it has been. I owe a lot to the club as without it I wouldn’t have the career that I do, the friends I have made or the memories the club has allowed me to have and for that I will be forever grateful.