14 Aug 19
By Broncos Media
Posted in Club News

The Interview – Luke Yates

When London came calling for Luke Yates it was a call he could not refuse. The Australian Tackle Machine has been on fire this season and we caught up with him in of all places the massage table!

I think you would agree it’s been a bit of a topsy-turvy season for the Broncos?
Yes, I would agree. There have been some inconsistencies there I think. There have been a few games where we have come up just short and with that in mind I think we probably deserve to be a bit higher in the table than we are. But, it is what it is and we now have four weeks to go and we have to do our best to avoid that relegation place.

As you say four to go and it seems other teams are jumping on the “Every game is a Grand Final” bandwagon.
Yes, it would seem that way! Look four games to go, four teams all within two points of each other . Every game really counts now and we play three of the bottom five in those last four. Mainly we need to come out firing and start on the front foot and that has to begin with Catalans this weekend.

You’ve been here a while now. Are you getting used to London?
Yes, I think so. I’m pretty good on the tubes and the buses and whatnot now. It took me a little bit to get used to it if I’m honest. I do however love this city. It has to be one of the best cities in the world for so many different reasons. I am really enjoying my time here.

Everyone talks about the togetherness in London. Does it help you guys all living in the vicinity of the club?
Most definitely it helps. I have spoken to some of the lads from the North and they have told me how spread out the squads are away from the club. Having everyone living in Ealing means we can spend time with each other outside of the club. With a few of the boys not from London it is great just having each other to rely on, on and off the pitch and that’s what makes us such a tight knit group.

I think we have had one day that could maybe equate to an Australian Summer so how have you found the weather here?
To be fair that day was torture too!! I actually went to the theatre that night and was sweating bullets it was so hot. I am certainly used to the weather here now and 38 degrees in London felt very different to 38 degrees at home. I guess in Ealing you don’t have the beach or the sea breeze to cool you off!

We announced recently the arrival of Brock Lamb, your friend and former Newcastle colleague. How is it having him around?
It’s been good to be fair. It is certainly a random one as we played together at Newcastle last year. He went to the Roosters and I came here so for him to end up being here with me is great. I am enjoying playing with him again as we have played a lot of footie together at U20’s reserve grade and full grade. Hopefully we can gel as well as we have in the past and bring some of that to London.