23 May 18
By Broncos Media
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The Interview – Sadiq Adebiyi

Most of the players we talk to have had their journey. Normally down from a city in the north of the country to London. Sadiq Adebiyi, on the other hand, has been on a journey that took thousands of miles, three cities and two continents. We caught up with the prop forward to find out more.

Your background is very different to many of the boys here at Broncos. Can you tell us a bit about it?
Well, I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and grew up there until I was six years old. We then left and moved to Warrington, of all places. So you could say I’m a Warrington lad I suppose having spent a lot of my childhood there. We lived up north for about six years until my Mum got a job in London at New Scotland Yard and we had to move again but this time to London.

Being so young when you left do you have any memories of Nigeria?
I do have a few in the back of my head to be fair. Most of it is a bit blurry but I remember it being a beautiful place. We lived in Lagos which is a very busy city and we were in the centre. It was always crazy busy with lots of people, noises etc. So when we got to the UK it wasn’t that much of a shock.

With London being home now I guess for you it’s just another big city?
Yes definitely. I absolutely love London and if anyone asks me I am a Londoner now rather than anything else. I more or less feel I grew up here. My family are close which is great. I’m playing for Broncos which I consider my home club even more than if I were at Warrington.

Tell us a bit about your family. It must be very different growing up in a Nigerian family in the UK?
Well there are four of us here. Obviously there are me and my Mum but I have two sisters too. One older who is 26 and one younger who is only 12. Being in a Nigerian house there is always a lot of family about. For me it’s pretty normal to have so many people around and I credit my mum every day for being our rock. It cannot be easy moving from country to country and bringing up the three of us in the amazing way that she has done.

Was it always going to be rugby league for you?
Funnily enough no! You would think being in Warrington, which is rugby mad city, that it would be but I wanted to play football more than rugby league. It was one PE session that I remember where we played rugby league and I was on the wing as I was fast then! The PE teacher asked me if I had played before and I started playing after school. It was my friend, Harvey Livett, who plays for The Wire that suggested I play for a team. I did it for a year and when we moved I played for Staines and then onto Broncos.

So what do you do to relax away from the rugby field in London and do the other boys ask you for tips as to what to do?
Yes I do get asked a lot by the boys. My phone will ring with requests for what there is to do in central London. London is so big there is always something to do. I do enjoy the shopping but I think it’s the food for me that I enjoy the most. I like trying different restaurants and foods from other places. I am into Thai food at the moment especially Busaba Eathai. We often got to the one in Kingston upon Thames.

You have had a regular run in the team this season. What do you put that down to?
I think going on loan last season to Oldham really helped take me out of my comfort zone and realise what I needed to be doing. All I can do is work as hard as I can to impress the coaches here at Broncos and hopefully I will continue to play in the first team. I love playing for London Broncos.

Do you see your future here at London Broncos?
(LONG PAUSE TO THINK) All I can say is Yes, Yes, Yes.