27 Mar 19
By Media Team
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The Interview – Will Lovell

Will Lovell has been to hell and back over the past few years with injuries but the Northampton born second rower is back now with a vengeance. We caught up with him to find out more.

So Will how is it to be back in the BetFred Super League?
It’s great to be honest. That was the standard we set ourselves last year and everyone wrote us off but we knew within that we were capable of making it back to this level and it was great proving so many people wrong. It’s been adapting to this level now and I think everyone of us is relishing it. You can see from the performances that we have put in the boys that there is a dogged resilience to us and that has surprised a few people.

This is your second full season back at Broncos now. Good to be home?
I absolutely love it here. It’s a great club and it means a lot to me obviously coming through the Academy to be a London product. Every time I pull on that jersey I am so proud to not only represent the club but my family too.

A lot of people wrote London off at the start of the season. Would you agree that a few heads have now been turned?
Yes definitely. But that worked in our favour. Look we are only coming up to a third of the season gone so there is still long way to go. We are not going to get ahead of ourselves and Danny & Jamie tell us that all the time here. We just keep boxing them off week by week and that’s how we have to play it just giving 100% every week. Everyone knows when they come to London there are in for a tough game now especially after the wins over Wakefield and Wigan. People are going to look at it like it’s a fixture they don’t want to play. From our perspective we just treat every game like it’s our Grand Final.

Now you have a huge fan club of one at every game, home and away, and that’s Mum. Where would you be without her support?
She is a trooper and has been since day dot. I really admire her for what she has done for me over the years that’s why as I said I am so proud to represent my family and her in particular. I don’t know how she did it when I was younger to be honest. She would pick me up from school have dinner ready in the car. Down the M1 from Northampton to Roehampton, as it was then, train at six. She would stay and wait around until nine and then we would drive back and be up again at 7 the next morning for work and school and that was 3 times a week sometimes.

As we said back home now and living in South West London. How is it away from the rugby?

Loving it to be fair as I have just moved in with my girlfriend, Jessica. Its great to have our own space and the freedom to do whatever we want whenever we want. I have been finishing off my degree at the same time so it allows me to have a bit more time into that and us so yes I am really happy and in a good place right now.

It has been a huge six months for the club what with the MPG and the wins in Super League. Where does it fit in the history of the Broncos?
It’s true these few months have been crazy actually. You look back at some of the big moments in the club’s history like the Challenge Cup final and the Premiership Final in the 90’s and this is right up there with those. You go into the clubhouse now on a match day and the fans seem to be in awe of what actually happened last season. I think they were just happy to see us back but to see us mix it with the big boys is another level. Those same fans mean so much to us as players too. I want to let them know that we can hear you and it does help. The ground has a real stadium feel to it now and I have to say that without those fans none of this would have been possible.