09 May 18
By Broncos Media
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The Interview :- Will Lovell

When Will Lovell injured his knee back in 2016 little did he know what the 2018 season had in store. Now a regular in the London Broncos squad we caught up with Will in between his regular visits to local schools.

You are an integral part of the Community Broncos team now. What has working with the community changed in you as a person?
I think it’s given me a wider more rounded insight into what goes on behind the scenes and after Rugby League in terms of my future and what I want to do after my playing career. It’s made me broaden my horizons within the teaching and coaching world which is something I jumped at to be fair. I love being involved with the Community programme and the rewards are huge.

When we have the school children here as mascots they are immediately drawn to you and in return you seem to know all their names. Was that part of the plan for you to endear yourself to them?
No, not at all it kind of just fell that way and I am glad really to have that kind of relationship with the schools that I go into. The kids seem to love what we do and they are really enjoying having rugby league as part of their day. If more of these children get into the sport that can only be a good thing and London Broncos is a brand that they all recognise now and they get excited when any of the boys or Buck, our mascot, go into their environment.

Originally from Northampton and you signed for London Broncos when we were at the Stoop. So from Union country to a Union stadium why Broncos and not Northampton Saints?
I was actually at Saints when I started. I did all the development coaching and groundwork there and I fell into League by chance thanks to a man called Andrew Quirk who set up Northampton Demons Rugby League club. He asked me to go down and do the fitness aspect of things and I was spotted and was asked to come to London and was successful in the U16 side and it all took off from there. It has been a whirlwind to say the least.

When you first came to London you were living in Kingston Upon Thames which is a lot busier than Northampton. What was it like being in London?
I was fortunate enough to be put into one of the player houses back then and I was thrown in with some great guys. Andy Ellis, Lamont Bryan and Olsi Krasniqi where my housemates and I soon learned a few things in respect of what to do and what not to do. I must admit I do remember ringing my Mum to find out how to boil vegetables!! (laughing). It was a culture shock as I come from a rural area of Northants which is all villages and countryside and a lot of sheep!

Now you are back playing full time but have moved to South London. Why South London?
Well my girlfriend is from that area Sutton, Cheam kind of way so I’m fortunate enough to live with her it’s great.

You mean that or do you have to say that?
No, No I really do enjoy it and I love being in London. I have adapted to it and adopted it as my second home now.

We see members of your family here at every game and at away games too to be fair. How important is their support to you?
They are a massive support. Hats off to my Mum because she is there every game, home or away, she will be there on the side lines and she knows everything about the game too now. She is my number one fan, bless her, my girlfriend too. Mum travels down from Northampton each home game and says she is half way to the away games anyway so travels up every other week. Without them I don’t think I would have got back, through the injury, to be playing at the standard I am now so will take this opportunity to let the two women in my life know how much I appreciate them.