27 Feb 18
By Media Team
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The Interview with Eddie Battye

From the rolling hills of Yorkshire and the family Buffalo farm to the 100 miles per hour city of London takes a lot of getting used to. Three years down the line Eddie Battye feels like this is now a home from home.

Can you tell us a bit about how you first came down to the Broncos?
Well, I came down here three seasons ago now. I knew Andrew Henderson and what he was all about from my time at Sheffield Eagles. It was too good an opportunity to turn down really, as I had only ever played part time, and to get the chance to become full time was something I grabbed with both hands. All I had ever wanted was to play full time Rugby League.
Were you living at home up in Sheffield?
Yes I was. I was living with Mum and Dad on the farm at the time, the Buffalo farm. It was the first time I had lived away from home for any length of time and yes I think I saw it as an adventure really. I was only 23 when I came down and it was totally different. I was used to living out in the countryside, rolling hills everywhere and not a lot to do and London was the total opposite. Everything was so fast paced but, for someone who had just got here, was a real eye opener.
So what do you enjoy about being here in London?
I am absolutely crazy about sport in general but most of all I am a huge Sheffield Wednesday fan. Having the chance down here to see so many different sporting events is fantastic in fact I went and saw the Owls on Wednesday night at Millwall. I try and get to as many games as I can in London like QPR, Brentford, Fulham for example. I love going out in the centre and have seen most of the sights now. I think some of the boys are going to the Science Museum soon so that will be good. There are plenty of gigs to go to as well and I like a gig or two.
When you first came down to London you became good mates with Andy Ackers who has had a lot of stick since leaving London in the off season. Are you still good friends now?
The thing with Rugby League is the fact that players leave clubs. You stay good friends with them as the Rugby League community is not as big as say Football. We keep in touch a lot. We are always texting each other and having a chat. Look, Andy is a great lad and it was great having him here in London for the amount of time that we did. He’s a very funny bloke and I had to look after him a few times while he was here. He has had some stick from people since he left but he loved it here and loved the boys here too but it was time to move on and go home to be near his family. He is a really family orientated fella he is enjoying the time he gets with them now. I hope he does well with Toronto as long as it’s not today against us!
On your social media you seem to have formed the new Three Musketeers with James Cunningham and Ben Hellewell. Are you guys close?
Ben and I have lived together for three years now and last season we had Will Barthau and Matt Garside living with us. This season we have James and Rhys Williams in their place. We all get on really well and did so before we all lived together too. We stick together and do a lot of social things as a group. It’s different at home though as we all have our individual likes and dislikes. For me, if I ever get the TV remote, its sport, sport, sport. I will watch the darts, football anything really. I also take the opportunity to go to live sports events as I said but with the boys too.
So what’s next for you?
Firstly I love it here and I love playing for this club. It’s run by great people who do a great job. I am enjoying playing under Danny Ward and Jamie Langley and they are bringing out the best in me and I hope that shows on the field. The fans here are great too and they are always there come rain or shine letting us know that London Town is wonderful! Can I say a big thank you to all of them as they bring the best out in us and we want them on the journey we have started with the new Head coach and we want them there when we get to the end of it too.