13 Mar 18
By Media Team
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The Interview with Rhys Williams

When Rhys Williams arrived in London back in 2014 little did he know that he would be celebrating his 100th consecutive game today against Batley Bulldogs.

Rhys, firstly congratulations on reaching your 100th game today for London Broncos. I know a lot of the fans will want to know how you do it. How do you keep going week in week out?
Jay Pitts and I were asked this last year when we went through the season without missing a game. It’s hard to put your finger on it to be honest. Obviously getting a bit older you become a lot stronger as a person. I have always been strong in the gym and that has helped. When it comes to Pre-hab exercises you become more diligent and more focused on what it is your body needs. Playing on the wing helps but I will be honest there were weeks when I probably shouldn’t have played when ill or slightly under 100% fit but you grit your teeth and get on with it. At the end of the day it’s my job and its one that I love doing.

You are now into your fourth season here at Broncos so you are almost an honorary Londoner now. What do you like to do away from the rugby pitch?
I’m quite a bit of a home person to be fair. I have a girlfriend back at home so I do visit her quite a lot. My brother is not too far away, in Bedford, so I see him a fair bit. I go and watch him play rugby when I can. My sister is back in Cardiff now but she also plays a lot of rugby in London. Outside of my rugby it’s watching their rugby that I love to do.

So Rhys you are the eldest of the three of you so how was that while you were all growing up together?
It was great to be honest. They are only 10 months younger than me and are Twins too. We were all very close and played rugby together all the time. All of our friends played together too so we almost had all of the same friendship groups growing up which made our lives a lot closer than some other families might be. Even now when we all go back home we all have the same friends as each other.

You’ve travelled a lot in your career. From Wales to Warrington and then down under to Australia. How was that experience?
Well, that hardest part was leaving Warrington to start with. I had been there for 5 years and had my first ever experience of rugby league there. I owe a lot to them and to Rich Marshall, Halifax coach, for giving me so many opportunities. In going to Australia it was actually nice to get out of this country and almost start afresh. I really enjoyed myself out there and the rugby went almost alongside the fact that I was somewhere new.
Now, we’ve spoken to Eddie Battye and James Cunningham and they have said you are the new bloke in the house. Can you tell us more?
I lived with James last year and when Will Barthau and Matt Garside left their house we moved in to their space to live with Eddie and Ben. This is my third year living with James and I have known Ben Hellewell about seven years since my time at Warrington. Eddie’s a great guy too so the house is great. We get out together a lot but that’s because we live together obviously. The group of lads we have here are great and we are all predominantly living in Ealing now which makes it easier to spend a lot of time as a group. Even to going for a coffee after training or a beer after matches we are very tightly knit now and it makes a big difference.

So Rhys as we said at the start, today is the 100th time you will pull on a Broncos jersey. What does it mean to you to make that milestone?
It means an awful lot to me and it’s something that I am very proud of. Coming here I just wanted to play week in week out but to hit the 100 on the bounce is a huge achievement and it’s an amazing feeling to finally get there. I have to say thank you to everyone at Broncos for getting me to this point and to the fans for cheering us on for those 100 games. Here’s to the next 100!