28 Aug 18
By Media Team
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The later than usual Friday Blog!

A fresh pair of eyes can sometimes bring a positive perspective!

Let me start with an an apology to my readers for the tardiness of this article, the Friday blog being written on a Sunday wasn’t my intention, however I’m currently on holiday in Bulgaria in the back of beyond, which although it does definitely have its charms and positive attributes, it is a wonderful and welcoming country, the Internet however is virtually none existent where I am and I have had to drive a few miles to get a connection on top of the fact that when going through security at the airport earlier in the week one of the security people actually took my iPad out of its case ( my traveling companion for the last 4 years) and dropped the damn thing smashing it to bits, disaster for a writer.
Well I suppose I did needed a new one anyway, thank you Amazon for coming to the rescue, unbelievable service from them.

The last home game against the Leeds Rhinos and resulting loss, after such a brilliant run of wins, was actually a real eye opener for me. I spent a bit of time looking at the pedigree of the Leeds Rhinos in rugby league and the words power house team and northern league strongmen kept jumping off the pages at me. It was then that I realised that actually the 32 to 48 points gap could have been much worse and in reality showed the true potential of the Broncos at this level. It wasn’t a result I was unhappy with at all and being a novice follower of rugby league and still not understanding all the subtlety’s of the game “off pitch” I now understand that the London Broncos really have their work cut out to perform well and show their quality against some of the northern clubs that traditionally have been the leading players on the rugby league scene in the United Kingdom.
Whilst looking forward to the next outing against the very tough Toronto Wolfpack it crossed my mind that if the Broncos continue to do all the basics right, as they have been doing then they stand a good chance of coming out on top with a good result and a win to equalise things with the Wolfpack.

Just before I flew out to Bulgaria I received an email from my son Henry’s team coach Rob at the Derby under 10’s team reminding me that the new season for rugby union starts for us in September, fantastic news for us because now that I have realised what a great game rugby league is it means we have rugby in our house 12 months of the year!

So thank you London Broncos for the opportunity to write for you, which itself has turned into a brilliant positive for me by getting me interested in this great sport of rugby league, I now spend a lot of time explaining to my rugby union pals that they are missing out on a great sport by not exploring rugby league.

I for one am truly enjoying my journey into league and as my knowledge of the game, it’s history and individual clubs deepens I can’t understand why more followers of union don’t open their eyes and see what they’re missing.

That’s it for now, good luck on the next game guys, not that you need it really , just keep doing what you’re doing !

Best wishes to all, players and fans alike.


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