Trailfinders Q&A

We asked for your questions via Twitter, here’s a rundown of the full questions and answers.

Q: The nearest underground station is a 5-10 min drive. Will the club be looking into a shuttle bus for Sundays?
This is something we are looking in to for Sunday games

Q: Will the pitch be marked out for Rugby League? With a synthetic pitch are the RU markings removable?
Yes the pitch will have full rugby league markings. RU markings will be covered

Q: Will the season tickets be standing/seating or will they be unreserved?
Seated and reserved but standing tickets are also available

Q: Does moving to a small ground not fit for Super League show a club that is aiming down and not up?
Not at all. The ground can be made to suit the Super League standards, the move enables the club to move towards sustainability.

Q: When should supporters cancel Hive memberships? Will the new season tickets be an annual or monthly fee please?
Our new season tickets will be annual payments.

Q: What are the options for an extended stay as the club needs a longer business plan
The club has a long term business plan, we’ll begin discussions early next year to extend the deal further should everything work out

Q: Will the move mean that the club has any sort of stake in its latest home?
No we won’t have a stake in Trailfinders Sports Club, but it is a much better deal for the club

Q: What are the plans beyond the 3 years. If we make SL in that time what happens then?
We’ll begin discussions early next year to extend the deal further should everything work out. If we make SL we have plans to extend the ground

Q: What plans do you have to build support?
We have a marketing and promotions plan for the move, this includes more community work and business networking too in Ealing and the surrounding area

Q: Will we have to buy season tickets upfront or is there an option of paying monthly via direct debit? 
It’ll be an annual payment

Q: Now you have control of game day how will you involve community clubs? Games on main pitch?
Absolutely this is something we are keen to bring back and we want to involve the community clubs

Q: With the lack of a Sunday service at the nearby station does this move all possible Sunday fixtures to Saturday?
Fixtures will be predominately Sunday’s as the rest of the Championship play on Sundays. Could have 1-2 games on Fri/Sat.

Q: Will supporters be able to stand on the touchline instead of being restricted to the stands

Q: Are we going to see a larger range of affordable merchandise and with an added bonus before Xmas?
We won’t necessarily have a larger range, but we’ll start with some products and introduce as the season progresses. We plan to have shirts pre-Christmas

Q: Will existing season ticket holders get 1st choice of seats in the main stand?

Q: Now you’re moving from The Hive, will the club use a different shirt manufacturer?
We’ll be announcing a new kit deal in the coming months

Q: Is there going to be an open day at the new ground to visit it and try to attract sponsors and new fans
Yes, details of this will be announced in the coming weeks, we’ll be having a series of open days.

Q: What changes need to be made to ground to make it Super League standard?
Increased seats, Trailfinders Sports Club are very open to the use of additional seating

Q: Why is the club playing on a 3G pitch
Host of advantages not least we can use throughout the winter months so no lost training days. All levels can play plus usage at HT.

Q: What’s the vision, plans and targets to rebuild
We have a solid business plan and marketing plans in place for the move. Our target is to increase support, season ticket holders and sponsors.

Q: Can the club attract players to play on 3G pitch?
Yes, no problems reported about recruitment


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